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Data and artificial intelligence: new perspectives for customers and society


This revolution in terms of AI and data that is currently underway gives us the power to focus on what is essential and to better anticipate the future, while simplifying and improving our daily lives. In the health sector specifically, AI is used to discern potential precursor signs of disease that might not yet be visible to the naked eye.

To help us better understand our environment, AI has the potential to reliably and dynamically map the state of the climate or of a particular animal species, for instance.

To give an example from another sector, AI is paving the way for the development of autonomous vehicles, which will radically transform the way we travel.
With respect to companies and their specific requirements, AI is the key to handling the complexity of the markets better, for example through increased information processing speeds, the optimisation and automation of business processes, or a dynamic, tailored offering.

However, just as the Internet revolution began 25 years ago, the implementation of this large-scale revolution will be complex and time-consuming. At Orange, we believe that this revolution needs to be supported if it is to be responsible, respectful and useful for human beings.


But… what exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence refers to the set of technologies that enable machines to try to reproduce and automate certain tasks that currently can only be achieved with human intelligence. So, in order to equip a machine with certain human capabilities such as language comprehension, sensory capacities or the ability to make a decision from a number of possible choices, AI applies technologies such as speech recognition, automated learning and computer vision. However, AI also has many limitations and the prospect of “hard” AI (that is as generalised and versatile as human intelligence) remains a long way off.



Commiting to ethical AI

We’re committed to limiting and controlling the risks associated with AI by paying particular attention to data governance. We do everything we can to configure algorithms that limit bias and errors, especially when the results are used to help people make decisions. We constantly analyse the risks and oversee all processes to enable human intervention if necessary.

Not only does AI enable us to research, test and reduce the energy consumption of our infrastructure, we’re actually developing more energy-efficient AI techniques and computation systems. What’s more, we’re supporting a wide range of initiatives to promote an ethical and rational use of AI and data, such as our collaboration with the Impact IA think tank, which was created in 2018 with Microsoft and other French partners, as well as the International Charter for Inclusive AI set up by the Arborus fund, signed in April 2020. 

Orange is also one of 52 independent experts representing academia, industry and civil society that is part of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (HLEG AI), setting standards for the ethical development and use of AI.


Supporting “soft” and ethical AI

We are committed to limiting and controlling the risks

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