Nanox Announces Live Demonstration of its Nanox.ARC System at Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) 2020

Nanox Announces Live Demonstration of its Nanox.ARC System at Radiology
Society of North America (RSNA) 2020

NEVE ILAN,  Israel, Oct.  01,  2020 (GLOBE  NEWSWIRE)  -- NANO-X  IMAGING  LTD
(NASDAQ: NNOX)  (“Nanox”  or the  “Company”),  an innovative  medical  imaging
technology company, is pleased to announce today that it will demonstrate  its
novel technology (Nanox.SOURCE) and medical imaging system (Nanox.ARC) at RSNA
2020, which is being held November 29-December 5 in Chicago.

The demonstration will  include a  technology section  elaborating on  Nanox’s
first commercial-grade digital x-ray source  followed by a live  demonstration
of the Nanox.ARC in a range of 2D and 3D medical imaging procedures.

The demonstration  will  be led  by  Mr.  Ran Poliakine,  Chairman  and  Chief
Executive Officer  of Nanox,  and  will be  live  streamed globally.  It  will
include  a  professional  radiology  Q&A  session  followed  by  lectures  and
presentations of clinical applications of the Nanox.ARC medical imaging system
by well-known radiologists and Company distribution partners.

Mr. Poliakine stated: “We are pleased to invite everyone to witness first-hand
our technology and the  Nanox.ARC at the  RSNA. We have  an ambitious goal  of
making  medical  imaging  widely  available  on  a  global  basis  to  promote
preventive healthcare  through  early  detection. Two-thirds  of  the  world’s
population currently have no access to medical imaging, and we aim to  improve
this statistic. We look forward to this demonstration which will allow  people
to see the depth and validity of our technology.”

About Nanox:

Nanox, founded  by  the  serial  entrepreneur Ran  Poliakine,  is  an  Israeli
corporation  that  is  developing  a  commercial-grade  digital  X-ray  source
designed to be used in real-world medical imaging applications. Nanox believes
that its  novel technology  could significantly  reduce the  costs of  medical
imaging systems and plans to seek collaborations with world-leading healthcare
organizations and  companies to  provide affordable,  early detection  imaging
service for all. For more information, please visit www.nanox.vision.

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