How to Find a Criminal Lawyer

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is time to look into hiring a criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will be the person working with your best interest in mind, and their work can be invaluable for someone looking at serving serious prison time. Everyone accused of a crime has a legal right to representation. If you cannot afford an attorney, one can be appointed to you by the local public defender.

Where to Start

You can start searching for a criminal defense attorney by contacting any attorneys you have used in the recent past. Even if your prior attorney represented you under different circumstances, there’s a good chance he or she will know of highly skilled criminal defense attorneys in your area.

Another place to find references for respected criminal defense attorneys is through word of mouth from family and friends. You can even ask for a Spanish criminal lawyer near me.

What to Ask

It would be wise to interview multiple criminal defense attorneys, so you should be prepared to ask each candidate the same questions and then compare their answers. You should hire whichever attorney’s answers best fit your needs.

Before meeting with an attorney, be aware of their fee for initial consultations and how they bill. Specifically, determine whether they bill by the hour or charge a flat fee. During the meeting, find out if the attorney has ever handled a case similar to yours and how long he or she has been practicing law. Further, find out what the outcomes of similar cases were. If the outcomes were unfavorable, you may want to remove this attorney from your list of potential candidates. Lastly, you should ascertain how long the attorney would expect your criminal case to last.

Compare Responses

Immediately eliminate any attorneys you interviewed with no experience on cases similar to your own. Taking chances on your freedom with inexperienced attorneys is not advisable. Trust your gut instinct and go with an attorney you feel comfortable around, and who you can afford to pay.

There are many things to stress about when you are charged with a crime, so find a criminal defense attorney to assuage your worries and fight for your best interest. Rest assured, if you cannot afford to hire a private criminal defense attorney, one will be appointed to you by your local public defender’s office.…

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Why you should hire a lawyer when buying a home

A lot of home buyers like to do it themselves when buying their homes. While it helps you save money as you don’t need to pay other people to inspect the home buying process, it can be risky. Not all sellers in the market are truthful as they claim to be. But if you hire a real estate lawyer, such a person will be able to point out the mistakes you are not seeing and how to avoid them.

If you are hiring a lawyer when buying a home, one of the things they can help you check out is the terms of the insurance policy you want to get for your home. They can let you know if there are unfavourable statements that you should avoid in the insurance policy. This, of course, should be after you have first read online home insurance UK reviews on BritainReviews and you have shortlisted the insurance companies and policy types to get. Here are reasons you should hire a real estate lawyer when buying a home:

Proper representation

Some sellers are looking to milk potential buyers unjustly. They have hidden agendas that they incorporate into the deals they sign with home buyers without the other party knowing. However, if you hire a real estate lawyer, you won’t fall victim to such misrepresentations of interest and hidden agendas. Your lawyer knows which clauses of the document you and which don’t and will ensure you are not cheated in any way. Besides, the presence of a lawyer is enough to make the seller act as expected by the law.


In the home buying process, some deeds need to be filed in a court of law. This process will be slow if you don’t have a lawyer to help you with it. However, with a lawyer, you will not only get it done efficiently but also navigate any state regulations that might want to block your way. If you are buying a commercial property, you need a lawyer to navigate government red tape so that you can establish the property as a valid business corporation or sole proprietorship. If you don’t do the filings properly, you and the seller may incur fines, or be required to rebuild the property or have your business closed down.


Buying a property from a sole owner is simpler than buying from parties or corporations who are joint owners of the property. The negotiation is much more complicated and your lawyer has to ensure that the property transfer does not become problematic. Your lawyer has a better understanding of these types of deals and the boundaries that bound them legally within your state. They will ensure that the outcome of your transaction with the parties involved protects you, and doesn’t contravene the law.

Title search

This is one of the most important aspects of buying a house.Your lawyer has to make an investigation to ensure that the seller is well within their rights to sell …

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Are you wondering why you would need a car accident lawyer? Well, if you have ever been involved in a car accident, then you’d understand the need for getting a qualified attorney to represent your best interest. However, you do not need to wait until you learn about protecting yourself if there is a car accident.

You may read about legal advice and law firms that offer this legal service by reading legal service reviews. Reading reviews will help you better understand the intricacies of hiring a car accident lawyer if you have a car accident.

Reading reviews about several law firms and what people have to say about their legal service quality may also go a long way to help you know your rights, how to fight for them, and how to protect yourself and your property in a car accident. You can get these pieces of information on review platforms such as The following are the significant factors to look out for when hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you: –

1.  Clear Communicator

One of the factors you need to look out for when meeting with your prospective lawyer is how well he or she communicates with you. Since you are probably new to this and do not understand most legal terms, you need to watch out for whether the lawyer tries to carry you along as much as possible. A good lawyer that is interested in your case needs to take time to explain certain things to you clearly. That way, you have a feeling that your case is in the best hands.

2.  Provision of references

Another significant factor that you need to look out for when hiring a car accident lawyer is the willingness to provide references. To be on the safe side and assure you of the lawyer’s reputation, you should ask him or her for a list of references. This list should contain people that will attest to the reputation of the lawyer. If your prospective car accident lawyer is not willing to provide you with this list, you need to look elsewhere.

3.  Experience

Experience is the best teacher. If your prospective lawyer does not have experience with car accident cases, you may need to seek a qualified and experienced lawyer. The reason being that with a winning track record, you are assured of winning the case.

4.  Organized office space

Although this factor may seem trivial and unnecessary, it is very crucial. You need to check out how the staff handles themselves within the office and handle clients and cases. If your lawyer’s desk is disorganized or the office space looks scattered, the chances are that he or she may handle your case haphazardly.

5.  An engaged conversationalist

It would be best to consider whether or not the prospective lawyer seems interested and engaged in the case. If he or she does not appear engaged in the conversation while you explain things that happened, the …

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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business Protection

Business owners most of the time pride themselves on owning and developing successful businesses.

However, you will find most of these entrepreneurs sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to setting up security systems for those businesses.

This is so because the idea of the occurrence of any criminal activity to them is abstract or the cost of installing security systems into the business sounds absurd.

Whatever the reason is, it is insanely unwise to ignore the issue of security especially if you own a business.

It is needless to develop a business and leave it unsecured especially in these times where civil unrest is rampant and riots can easily occur which might lead to violence and destruction of property.

This is true also with our homes, if you do not have a proper security system installed for your house then check out for home security system reviews and gain some insight on the best security devices available.

With this in mind, let us look at some of the key reasons why you need to invest in your business’s Security system.

1.  To deter any criminal activity.

This is arguably the most important reason to set up a security business for your company.

Researchers have determined that businesses that employ security measures such as surveillance cameras are less likely to be attacked by criminals.

Criminals are prone to get cold feet when targeting businesses that have visible security measures installed.

Better yet, a good security system will enable your employees to easily contact the authorities immediately if they spot threats.

This will significantly decrease the severity of most of the attacks you experience.

2.  Protect the assets in your business.

Losing your business assets can be detrimental and cause several negative effects to your company.

Even if they have been insured, no amount of money can reverse the bad image your company will have or preserve the integrity of your customer data.

Setting up a security system for your business will protect the important assets that your company has.

3.  Protect your employees.

Installing security systems in your business will give your staff a sense of safety as they carry out their duties.

Especially if any of your employees work through late hours of the night, they will be focused more on doing their job than getting worried about attacks.

No amount of insurance money can repair the loss of an employee or reverse the bad reputation of your business in case it is attacked.

A well set up security system will both aid in protecting the safety of your employees as well as protect them from incidents that might occur in their workplace.

4.  Save you money.

A good security system will go a long way to save you money in many ways.

One is that you will have substantial proof when you go ahead to seek insurance money from your insurer, the surveillance footage will be irrefutable.

Another way you can save your business …

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Guide To Finding The Right Mesothelioma Lawyer For Your Case

Knowing the qualities of the lawyer you work with when filing for an asbestos injury claim puts you closer to your grand price. While the benefits of having a mesothelioma lawyer by your side are many, finding the right one can prove a challenge. So, how do you find the right mesothelioma lawyer for your case?

Work with Referrals and Recommendations

Unlike other lawsuits people deal with in the court of law, you have to be thorough when dealing with asbestos injury claims. Several lawyers in the market offer legal services, but not all of them can serve your interest. Finding the right one can prove hectic when you lack guidance. This is why you need to work with referrals and recommendations. It is easier to find the best lawyer for your mesothelioma lawsuit when referred by people you trust, such as family members or friends.


Mesothelioma is a form of cancer caused by extreme exposure to asbestos. When you research, you not only get information on the impact of mesothelioma but also how the legal process is handled. It is easier to access services from a reliable law firm such as Sokolove Law for your case. Through research, you also get to understand the qualities a lawyer should have and the roles played in your case. The more information you have, the faster it will be to find a reputable lawyer.

Consider Track Record of Success

It will only serve your interests when you get a favorable verdict in your mesothelioma lawsuit. The help you get from the lawyer determines how far the case will go after filing for mesothelioma compensation. When looking for a lawyer to work with, consider the track record of success. If the track record of the mesothelioma lawyer is impressive, there is confidence in getting better results in your case. However, if the track record of success of the lawyer is questionable, you should consider other options.

Consider Knowledge On Asbestos Injury Claims

It is vital to work with a professional who can confidently explain the possible scenarios in your mesothelioma lawsuit. The lawyer you seek to work with should have knowledge on evidence needed to make your case viable, the legal steps to follow, types of compensation, inclusive of mesothelioma settlement and asbestos trust fund, and the possible verdicts.

Experience and Reputation

Finding the right lawyer for your case means cross-checking your list and weighing the potential legal practitioners available before deciding. It is, however, easier to find the right mesothelioma lawyer when you focus on the experience possessed and the reputation. You should consider a lawyer who has been practicing and handling asbestos injury claims for years. The lawyer’s reputation is determined by the number of mesothelioma patients and families represented successfully in the past. An experienced lawyer is well versed with asbestos laws and other federal legislation.

Handling asbestos injury claims calls for effective preparation. Navigating the legal and justice system can be overwhelming. This is why you need …

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How Best to Split Custody of a Child: What’s Fair and Right?

When you are going through a divorce, one of the most difficult things you have to deal with is trying to figure out child custody with someone you are most likely not getting along with. In this situation, it is important that both you and your ex-partner put your feelings aside and simply decide what is the best parenting arrangement for your child. If you are unsure how to proceed, and don’t know what the fair and correct decisions are, then this article should help you to understand things more clearly. 

What Is Child Custody?

Child custody is a legal term used to describe which parent receives guardianship of the child/ren after the parents go through a divorce. It is a complicated and stressful process, especially when the parents did not split amiably, as they will have differing opinions about what is best for the child. According to Australian family law, children have a right to a meaningful relationship with both of their parents, and they also have a right to be protected from harm. If they are in a dangerous situation, then the right to be protected from harm comes before having a relationship with the parents.

The court will always make decisions about child custody based on what is in the best interest of the child – not what the parents think is right. When your child is under the age of 18, then both parents have equal shared parental responsibility, unless the court decides it is best to stop one parent from having parental responsibility for the safety of the child. It is important to note that ‘equal shared parental responsibility’ is not the same as equal time with the child. There is no rule that says a child has to spend half the time with one parent and half with the other. Normally, it is the parents who decide themselves what is the right amount of time for the child to spend between them. 

Things to Consider When Deciding on Parenting Arrangements:

During the process of a divorce, it is always a relief when you can avoid going to court for something – and if you can decide on parenting arrangements between yourselves, then you don’t have to go to court. A parenting arrangement can be a verbal agreement, a written parenting plan, or an agreement that has formal consent orders. The first two options are obviously what you would choose if you want to avoid visiting court. Sometimes, if you want to figure out a dispute around parenting arrangements, you can go to a community support service to seek advice. 

There are some important factors that you should consider when you are figuring out your parenting arrangements, such as:

  • How old your child is, as this will affect the logistics of your arrangements
  • Making sure your plan follows a regular routine, but incorporates flexibility
  • Who is in the best situation to provide everyday care
  • Whether it is practical for the child to spend equal

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What are the Drink Driving Penalties in Australia

What are the Drink Driving Penalties in Australia

Getting caught drink driving can turn out to be a serious offence – depending on a couple of factors, you could be facing disqualification from driving, potentially heavy fines, and in some cases even jail time. But what are the drink driving penalties in Australia and when do they apply?

Here is your quick guide to navigating limits around Australia.

What is a Drink Driving offence?

Drink driving is when someone is driving while:

  • With a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit;
  • Under the influence of alcohol or any drug where the driver is, therefore, unable to exercise proper control over the vehicle

Drink driving laws in Australia

Depending on where you are, you might face a slightly different penalty for the same offence. That’s because States and Territories have their own road laws when it comes to drunk driving and the penalties that occur as a result.

For example, in Victoria, it’s the Road Safety Act 1986 that applies, whereas, in Western Australia, it’s the Road Traffic Act 1974, sections 63, 64AA that counts. If you’re new to town, it’s worth knowing the exact limits, even if they’re largely similar from state to state.

What is the limit across Australia?

Even though states have different laws, Across Australia a 0.05% Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) or higher is an offence. Differences between states come into play when someone’s BAC is higher than 0.05.

Where are these laws applicable?

Across Australia, police are allowed to stop any car and ask for a breath test. If you are caught drink driving in any vehicle (car, truck bus, even jet skis, and boats, etc.) on a public road (or waters), you are subject to the relevant law and likewise punishment. Most states also include private property in these laws; however, this isn’t the case everywhere.

If you weren’t behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, and the vehicle was turned off, you cannot be charged, and should immediately consult a lawyer if you are.

What is the drink driving limit in Western Australia?

So what does the law say about drink driving in WA? Essentially if you’re over the limit you face consequences such as a loss of demerit points, or a notice to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court to determine the penalty. Here’s what you need to know:

  • In Western Australia, if you’re on a normal licence and you’re caught with a BAC of between 0.05 and 0.079 you will face penalties.
  • If your BAC is higher than 0.08, you will receive an automatic disqualification until the issue is resolved in court.
  • You must have a 0 BAC if you’re one of the following: novice driver, extraordinary licence holders, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and anyone driving a heavy vehicle like a truck.

What are the drink driving penalties?

There are multiple possible penalties for a drink driving offence. Depending on where you are, the circumstances, and your BAC, there is a range …

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How to prevent elder abuse during the coronavirus?

Elder abuse is a heinous offense that can attract criminal, civil, and moral charges. Victims of elder abuse vary by status, gender, background, and age. While institutional elder abuse is commonly heard of, domestic elder abuse is also rising over the past few decades. If you suspect your elderly neighbor or relative is going through abuse, it’s the best time to look for an elder abuse attorney near me.

Elder abuse can manifest itself in a multitude of ways. While some stringent laws and rules safeguard an elder’s rights and interests, most elder abuse cases go unreported.

According to a report by the National Institute of Health, only one in fourteen cases of elder abuse is reported. The NCA (National Council of Aging) report suggests that over five million older adults are subjected to elder abuse every year. The looming uncertainty created by the Coronavirus pandemic has given rise to elder abuse cases.  

Elder abuse can range from financial, psychological, emotional, physical, or sexual offenses. Negligence and abandonment are also considered elder abuse and punishable by elder law. Elder abuse can physically, emotionally, financially, or psychologically impact an elderly victim.

Older people are already vulnerable to abuse and financial fraud. 

The current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and various social distancing and isolation norms have disproportionately affected elders. This has made it easier for abusers to escape unnoticed.

Some signs that indicate elder abuse by a caregiver or family member:

  1. Substance abuse by the family member or caregiver
  2. Keeping the elder in isolation or restricting their interaction with others
  3. Conflict in stories or incidents told by the caregiver/family member and elderly person
  4. Speaking on behalf of the older adult even when they are capable of representing themselves

Laws that overlook elder abuse cases

Local and state health departments run Adult Protection Services for victims of elder abuse. These agencies are formed to investigate elder abuse cases and protect the rights of older adults. Besides this, federal laws that address elder abuse cases are the Elder Justice Act and Older Americans Act. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, the effectiveness of these acts has decreased over time. Since EJA allocates funds to Adult Protection Services, they experience challenges in enforcing existing elder abuse laws.

Identifying elder abuse is crucial in preventing it from turning catastrophic. If you are an elder or someone caring for elder parents, you must be aware of various ways to prevent abuse. 

There are various ways to prevent you from being an elder abuse victim.

  • Know your rights as an elder in America
  • If you are an aging individual, practice a healthy lifestyle to decrease your chances of becoming a vulnerable target
  • Keep tab of all your financial accounts and documents
  • Consult an estate planning lawyer to draft a living will to prevent unauthorized changes to your estate plan
  • Keep your estate plan and will updated or review it periodically
  • Keep your personal information safe from suspicious individuals
  • Avoid sharing your personal details on social
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What to do if you meet a car accident in Philadelphia?

Safety is the first rule when you are on the road as when you are driving, not only your life is in your hands, but the lives of the other people on the road is also in your hands, and a little lack of concentration can result into something horrible. Road accidents are happening in Philadelphia, no matter how much the technology is improving in the vehicles to provide maximum safety. A lot of people die because of road accidents, and many suffer serious injuries as well.

The education, for firstly preventing the accidents from happening and secondly, for taking a safe trip on the road is to be made more common. Many times, we see people fleeing the scene once they have met an accident. The education, as to what you should do if you meet an accident and what you should follow later, should be given as much as possible to the people. If you have met the accident and have made some severe mistake like fleeing, contacting the Philadelphia car accident lawyer is the first thing to do. Still, if you are just curious to know about the right thing to do, you need to carry on with the post until the end.

Here is a list of things to do if you have had a car accident. If you follow this list, you would be able to get through the process’s legalities with ease.

  • Never run the scene: the worst thing to do after meeting a road accident is to flee the scene. Never run away. Just stop right there and wait for the help to arrive.
  • Help protect the sight: now that you have hit, you need to protect the others from any damage, and for that, you will protect the scene of the accident by using your flashlights or setting up a flare. If you have nothing working, a torch from your cellphone could help keep people away from there.
  • Call the cops: it is advisable to call the police whenever there is some road accident. No matter whether there are serious injuries or not, you need to inform the police. They make a report that can prove helpful in claiming your insurance from the company as well. When the police have a record of the happening, things get more comfortable for you.
  • Be honest: when the police have arrived to create an investigation report of what has happened, it’s your responsibility to tell everything honestly and truthfully. Hiding any details could be harmful to you and others.
  • Take evidence: whether there have been serious injuries or not, you should try to take pictures of the accident site because it can be beneficial for the police while investigating. If there is some visible damage between the cars, you can use the pictures to reveal that. You are staying alert and active after the accident is significant, of course, if you haven’t met any severe injury.
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How to Proceed When You Get Your Car Damaged by Someone

1. Report the damage to the police

Sometimes it becomes a complex procedure to know exactly who damaged the car and if there was some sought of contributing element on your side too. This is why you need to report the incident to the police.

You might document the incident by taking pictures of the damaged car part, in case it is a hit and run if you can reach your camera before the culprit disappears will greatly help the police find the person responsible so you get your deserved compensation.

The police are also obligated to make an official report that will be produced possibly if the matter goes to court that is when there is a dispute of whether the other party is truly responsible for the damage.

This report taken will also come in handy when you need compensation from your insurance company. Because car insurance companies are not ‘accident watchdogs,’ they will not be able to ascertain whether the claim damages being sought truly resulted from the incident.

The police report will therefore act as proof of the damage and from there the insurance company can go ahead and quantify the damage and issue compensation.

2.  Notify your insurer

With this, I presume you have already insured your car, if not, I will give a short guide to proceed in the next block.

You already know the benefits of taking car insurance, in this case, it will lift the burden of having to repair the car from you to your insurance company.

You’ll be required to notify your insurance company of the accident. From there, the insurance company will send their team of experts to look at the damage that has occurred, confirm that you have an active cover (meaning you’ve been paying your premium.)

When confirmation is given, the insurance company will go ahead and bear the cost of the damages.

There is a lot to cover when it comes to insurance and how it operates. This will be largely covered and explained to you by your insurance company.

Therefore be sure to learn how your insurance works before purchasing any insurance policy. Because many insurance companies cover car damages, I suggest that you read some Car insurance companies reviews to help you make a better choice on which company to choose and which to avoid.

While reading the reviews look at how the company responds to claims and the general customer care service, among other things.

3.  Filing a claim

I didn’t cause the damage, why should my insurance company cover? If you are questioning this, then the short answer is that, yes the other party may cover the damages.

However, for quick relief, your insurance company can cover the damage and then proceed to seek compensation from the third party’s insurance company.

In law, this is often referred to as Third-Party Insurance claim. While you might not know much about it, it shouldn’t be much of a worry because often when …

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