5 Important Things You Must Do After a Car Accident

Opinions on ReviewsBird.com reveal shocking statistics of over six million annual car accidents in the USA. Although many of them involve property damage, the need to protect oneself after an accident has become very important. There is an estimate that one out of ten accidents leads to fatal injuries.

As the need to protect oneself has become essential, one of the basic things is insurance. Insurance customer feedbacks show that insurances clear the cost required for legal, health, and the repair bills after an accident.However, when you’re involved in an accident, you must:

1.  Stop:

Don’t drive away from an accident scene if you’re involved in the collision. Even if it is a minor one.

2.  Stay Calm:

Depending on the kind of accident that it is. If it is a minor accident, stay calm and breathe in and out. You must not feel disoriented to preserve your rights and claim as an innocent driver in any event of a collision.

3.  Take Care of Kids, Elders, Disabled persons, and Pets:

Whatever kind of collision it is, whenever you regain consciousness, pay regard to these groups of people in the accident scene. If they have injuries, ensure that you see them. Don’t leave them in the car alone. However, it is also advisable to let the responder come first before you assume that they have no injuries, there could be injuries you can’t easily assess.

4.  Call Law Enforcement Agents and the Ambulance:

If a fire erupts from your car, call the fire servicemen to come to your aid. You must also call 911 or get someone around the accident scene to call 911. You’ll get medical help and the incapacitated people in the accident will get the necessary attention that they need.

5.  Talk to the Other Driver:

You must know if it is safe to approach the other driver without the presence of the police. You must apply extra caution in approaching the other driver after an accident. You can engage in an appropriate conversation while avoiding transferring blames. If you are at fault, admit it and apologize. However, if the other driver is, the expression of anger could further worsen the situation. You must also avoid talking about insurance and who is at fault until the police arrive.

However, you must also:

·       Don’t Make Deals:

Some drivers offer to pay cash rather than fill in insurance claims after an accident. You may be liable to major expenses if you let the driver go after a handshake and cash offer.

·       Have the Right Information:

You’ll need your driver’s license and plate number, name and contact information, registration details, insurance company and policy number, etc. All of these things can facilitate the immediacy of document processing. You should also have your medical records with you. In cases of urgent medical treatments, the medical personnel must have an idea of your allergies.

After all these, the next thing is to claim your auto insurance. This will let you enjoy the services offered in your insurance policy. You’re entitled to that policy by law and you must present the essential documents as proof of the accident to your insurance company.