AAP MLA Pandey slams BJP over shops demolition at Kargil Society Dwarka

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader and MLA Dilip Pandey on Sunday slammed the BJP over the demolition of the shops of essential items at Kargil Society Dwarka where families of retired and late army officers stay without any prior notice.

Pandey said that the party demands that the BJP should immediately restore these demolished shops within 48 hours.

“We demands that the BJP should put forward unconditional apology to all these families of martyrs,” he said.

“The AAP will hold gherao of the BJP leaders and dharna against the BJP’s inhuman act,” he saud, adding that in the year 2003, former prime minister of India late Atal Bihari Vajpayee established a housing society at Dwarka named as Kargil society. In this society, the families of retired and martyred army men stay but today, the BJP and MCD is destroying the dreams of late Prime Minister by continuously harassing the residents of the society. To ensure the day-to-day necessities of these families the government also built shops of essential items in this society, he said. “The BJP and MCD which takes money to build any shop or building in Delhi have now demolished these shops.

This demolition is not only unfortunate but also highly inhuman and illegal,” he said.Pandey said, “There are thousands of families which are devastated due to this illegal and inhuman act by the BJP. Many families have left the society because of the pressure from the BJP and the builder lobby,””The AAP demands that the BJP should immediately restore and put forward an unconditional apology to all these families of martyrs. If within 48 hours the BJP does not complete these works then the AAP will take the streets against the leaders of the BJP, the councilors and the MPs.”

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