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5 Important Things You Must Do After a Car Accident

Opinions on reveal shocking statistics of over six million annual car accidents in the USA. Although many of them involve property damage, the need to protect oneself after an accident has become very important. There is an estimate that one out of ten accidents leads to fatal injuries.

As the need to protect oneself has become essential, one of the basic things is insurance. Insurance customer feedbacks show that insurances clear the cost required for legal, health, and the repair bills after an accident.However, when you’re involved in an accident, you must:

1.  Stop:

Don’t drive away from an accident scene if you’re involved in the collision. Even if it is a minor one.

2.  Stay Calm:

Depending on the kind of accident that it is. If it is a minor accident, stay calm and breathe in and out. You must not feel disoriented to preserve your rights and claim as an innocent driver in any event of a collision.

3.  Take Care of Kids, Elders, Disabled persons, and Pets:

Whatever kind of collision it is, whenever you regain consciousness, pay regard to these groups of people in the accident scene. If they have injuries, ensure that you see them. Don’t leave them in the car alone. However, it is also advisable to let the responder come first before you assume that they have no injuries, there could be injuries you can’t easily assess.

4.  Call Law Enforcement Agents and the Ambulance:

If a fire erupts from your car, call the fire servicemen to come to your aid. You must also call 911 or get someone around the accident scene to call 911. You’ll get medical help and the incapacitated people in the accident will get the necessary attention that they need.

5.  Talk to the Other Driver:

You must know if it is safe to approach the other driver without the presence of the police. You must apply extra caution in approaching the other driver after an accident. You can engage in an appropriate conversation while avoiding transferring blames. If you are at fault, admit it and apologize. However, if the other driver is, the expression of anger could further worsen the situation. You must also avoid talking about insurance and who is at fault until the police arrive.

However, you must also:

·       Don’t Make Deals:

Some drivers offer to pay cash rather than fill in insurance claims after an accident. You may be liable to major expenses if you let the driver go after a handshake and cash offer.

·       Have the Right Information:

You’ll need your driver’s license and plate number, name and contact information, registration details, insurance company and policy number, etc. All of these things can facilitate the immediacy of document processing. You should also have your medical records with you. In cases of urgent medical treatments, the medical personnel must have an idea of your allergies.

After all these, the next thing is to claim your auto insurance. This will …

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What Does Liability Actually Mean?

Legal liability can be defined as the fault or responsibility for the enforced law. For instance, for contracts cases, liability might be the fact that you did not fulfill some sort of contractual promise when performing a service. When you do not meet legal responsibility requirements, you are said to be responsible or liable for consequences. Usually, determining liability is something that has to be proven in criminal cases or lawsuits. 

Civil Cases And Liability

According to, civil complaint liabilities (commonly referred to as torts) can easily be divided into some categories, like intentional acts against the property of an individual, strict liability, and unintentional negligence acts. During a civil case, there are lower proof standards than during criminal cases. Reasonable doubt is not a thing that is used. Instead, the plaintiff simply has to prove the fact that there is a higher possibility that a defendant is guilty than not guilty. 


In regular battery cases, plaintiffs have to prove several elements when they want to show liability. This includes the fact that the defendant did something with an intent to cause offense or harm. Also, the act should have led to contact. This contact had to happen against the physical person of the plaintiff. However, in such cases, it is possible that interpretations are broader. 

When the plaintiff convinces a jury or a judge that there is a higher possibility that the incident happened than that it did not happen, the defendant is considered to be liable. Damages will then need to be paid for all damages caused by the battery. 


In trespassing cases, the plaintiff simply needs to prove the fact that a trespasser intentionally entered the land of the plaintiff and that permission did not exist. 

In most US jurisdictions, intent is all about the intention to be present on your land. Basically, if you walk onto the property of someone but you thought it was of someone else, it does not matter. You are still liable for trespassing. This is true even when you do not do any harm. 


Various types of negligence exist these days and not all will apply to your case. Generally speaking, negligence is defined as behavior capable of creating unnecessary, foreseeable risks that will harm the property or the person of someone else. For instance, when you are speeding and you crash into another vehicle, it can be negligence. This applies even if you did not want to hit someone else. 

Courts use several strategies when they determine liability. For negligence cases, the important thing is comparing the actions of the defendant with actions that would be considered normal, according to what most other people would do in the exact same situation. 

Getting Help From A Lawyer

Regardless of what happens, whenever liability is questioned for anything, the best thing you can do is to hire an attorney to help you. Just make sure you find one with a lot of experience in the type

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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve had an accident in the workplace, been in a car crash, or had a slip and fall in a public setting, one of the first things you must do is seek legal advice. When filing a personal injury claim, you may be filled with anxiety and stress about what lies ahead, meaning you must pick a lawyer who is reputable, reliable, and trustworthy. 

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All personal injury lawyers will offer initial consultations to clients to give you a better idea of how they can help you. Therefore, arming yourself with questions to ask in advance will fill you with confidence and ensure you’ve made the right decision. With that in mind, here are five important questions you should ask.

What Are Your Fees?

When searching for Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, one of the most important factors you need to take into account is the fees. Each lawyer will differ in terms of what they charge. You’ll find most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t have to pay any money unless you recover money damages in your settlement. Should you receive compensation, your personal injury lawyer will usually take a cut of it which is normally between 25% and 40%. 

Have You Handled Similar Cases to Mine?

Understandably, you’ll want to find a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience in handling similar cases to yours. Whether you’ve had a slip and fall in the office or been involved in a car accident, knowing your lawyer has assisted similar clients and won their case will give you more confidence. 

How Much Time Can You Dedicate to My Case?

When you think about the fees you could be potentially handing over to your personal injury lawyer, you’ll want to know they’ve done everything they can to help win your case. All reputable personal injury lawyers will possess excellent time management skills. This means they’ll understand the importance of prioritizing and put your needs first. If your lawyer is handling multiple cases at once, they will simply not have the time and resources to focus solely on you. 

How Long Will the Process Take?

There are many factors that can influence how long your case will take to reach a settlement such as the injuries you’ve sustained and the nature of the accident. All reputable personal injury lawyers should give you a rough estimate of the duration, meaning you can have some kind of idea of what to expect going forward. Some cases can last for several years, so you must bear this in mind from the start.

Can I Speak to a Past Client?

To ensure you’ve chosen the right personal injury lawyer, it’s wise to look at their testimonials and speak to past clients. Any respected attorney will proudly display their testimonials on their website which can give you an honest insight into how they operate and what they can do to strengthen your case.

When going for

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How Can Facebook Mess Up A Personal Injury Claim?

One of the really interesting things about the personal injury cases we handle in Scranton is that victims often do not understand the fact that defending lawyers can so easily go online to check Facebook profiles, just like profiles on all other social sites. So many are fascinated with sharing their personal life on the internet. Lawyers understand this and can take advantage of what you post on social networks.

What you might not be aware of is that defendant lawyers actually check social media profiles early in their investigation. This is one of the first things to do because so many of those that file personal injury claims make mistakes and share things they should not.

The huge problem is that the statements you provide on the internet can prove the fact that you did or do something you should not. You might even end up showing people how you played a part in the accident, all without even realizing that you did this. Insurance companies can easily use your statements to deny you a personal injury claim and investigators will use absolutely all tricks in the book to help the carriers.

Misdirection And Misleading Statements

When you survive an accident in which you or someone you love was injured, what you write on the internet can provide some details that could look like they are misleading the damage that was caused.

In many cases, you do not want to plague your friends and family with the actual details of the accident. This is why you might play things down on social media. Those posts you make can then be used by the insurance companies to prove that you did not suffer injuries that were as serious as you initially declared. Also, some other statements you make might be used to create doubt as to what actually happened.

What Should You Do?

If you were involved in an accident and were injured because of the actions of someone else, the most important thing at the end of the day is always to get treated. Then, you need to hire a personal injury attorney that is capable of offering you advice about what you should do to make your claim a success.

When it comes to social media, the best rule of thumb to respect is to simply not post anything. This is a lot better than posting something that could incriminate you later. If you do want to post something, make sure it is approved by your attorney.

Do not blindly believe that you can simply use Facebook’s privacy settings to hide messages so that other people do not see it except your friends and family. This is not something that works. Lawyers are masters at finding information. Once you posted something on the internet, there is a very good possibility they will find it.

Always respect what your personal injury attorney tells you and be sure that you do not post something on social media without their approval. …

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Liability In Multi-Vehicle Traffic Accidents

When we drive, we need to do everything we can in order to avoid traffic accidents. Unfortunately, no matter what we do, there is always the possibility we will be involved in a collision because of the mistakes of someone else. You might not be aware of this but multi-vehicle accidents happen way more often than you might think. They are really complex and require specific steps to be taken. 

What Is A Multi-Vehicle Traffic Accident?

The multi-vehicle traffic accident is defined as a collision involving at least three vehicles. When the accident happens on the freeway, the term used is “pile-up”. Multi-vehicle accidents can be seen in various cases, including:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Lane change crashes
  • Intersection crashes
  • Freeware pile-ups

The most common incident happening is the rear-end collision. Such an accident is usually very easy to handle since the investigation is usually very fast. The party at fault is very easy to be determined. However, in other cases, this is not at all easy to do. 

After The Multi-Vehicle Accident

It is important to know what to do after the multi-vehicle accident. For starters, you need to check on yourself and the other people in your car. Then, do so for all others that might be injured. After you do this, it is time to remove yourself from any danger and then call 911. Do not rely on others to do this. 

Try to exchange information with everyone involved in the collision. This might turn out to be quite complicated if several cars and trucks were hit. In this case, you need the help of the authorities. 

Discovering Liability

The person or party that is liable is the one that is considered to be responsible for the accident. It can be tricky to find out exactly who the liable party is. And, in order to highlight why things are more complex, several people can be considered liable. 

In most cases, the very first driver who rear-ends a vehicle is considered to be responsible. Every single driver is considered to be responsible to some extent when causing accidents. Basically, drivers need to avoid accidents. Even so, the party that started the car accident will pay the price. 

Witness reports and car damage helps investigators to figure out the fault in most multiple-vehicle accidents. Sometimes, a full investigation is needed. In others, the process is so much faster. 

Working With A Car Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in any car accident, it is important to find an experienced personal injury attorney to help you out. This is especially the case when involved in multi-vehicle accidents. Without proper representation, it is a certainty that you will be taken advantage of by all the other parties involved. 

When you want to file a personal injury claim because you were injured or you want to get compensated for property damage, you need to follow some specific steps. A failure to do this will lead to the unwanted situation in

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How to Find a Criminal Lawyer

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is time to look into hiring a criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will be the person working with your best interest in mind, and their work can be invaluable for someone looking at serving serious prison time. Everyone accused of a crime has a legal right to representation. If you cannot afford an attorney, one can be appointed to you by the local public defender.

Where to Start

You can start searching for a criminal defense attorney by contacting any attorneys you have used in the recent past. Even if your prior attorney represented you under different circumstances, there’s a good chance he or she will know of highly skilled criminal defense attorneys in your area.

Another place to find references for respected criminal defense attorneys is through word of mouth from family and friends. You can even ask for a Spanish criminal lawyer near me.

What to Ask

It would be wise to interview multiple criminal defense attorneys, so you should be prepared to ask each candidate the same questions and then compare their answers. You should hire whichever attorney’s answers best fit your needs.

Before meeting with an attorney, be aware of their fee for initial consultations and how they bill. Specifically, determine whether they bill by the hour or charge a flat fee. During the meeting, find out if the attorney has ever handled a case similar to yours and how long he or she has been practicing law. Further, find out what the outcomes of similar cases were. If the outcomes were unfavorable, you may want to remove this attorney from your list of potential candidates. Lastly, you should ascertain how long the attorney would expect your criminal case to last.

Compare Responses

Immediately eliminate any attorneys you interviewed with no experience on cases similar to your own. Taking chances on your freedom with inexperienced attorneys is not advisable. Trust your gut instinct and go with an attorney you feel comfortable around, and who you can afford to pay.

There are many things to stress about when you are charged with a crime, so find a criminal defense attorney to assuage your worries and fight for your best interest. Rest assured, if you cannot afford to hire a private criminal defense attorney, one will be appointed to you by your local public defender’s office.…

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Why you should hire a lawyer when buying a home

A lot of home buyers like to do it themselves when buying their homes. While it helps you save money as you don’t need to pay other people to inspect the home buying process, it can be risky. Not all sellers in the market are truthful as they claim to be. But if you hire a real estate lawyer, such a person will be able to point out the mistakes you are not seeing and how to avoid them.

If you are hiring a lawyer when buying a home, one of the things they can help you check out is the terms of the insurance policy you want to get for your home. They can let you know if there are unfavourable statements that you should avoid in the insurance policy. This, of course, should be after you have first read online home insurance UK reviews on BritainReviews and you have shortlisted the insurance companies and policy types to get. Here are reasons you should hire a real estate lawyer when buying a home:

Proper representation

Some sellers are looking to milk potential buyers unjustly. They have hidden agendas that they incorporate into the deals they sign with home buyers without the other party knowing. However, if you hire a real estate lawyer, you won’t fall victim to such misrepresentations of interest and hidden agendas. Your lawyer knows which clauses of the document you and which don’t and will ensure you are not cheated in any way. Besides, the presence of a lawyer is enough to make the seller act as expected by the law.


In the home buying process, some deeds need to be filed in a court of law. This process will be slow if you don’t have a lawyer to help you with it. However, with a lawyer, you will not only get it done efficiently but also navigate any state regulations that might want to block your way. If you are buying a commercial property, you need a lawyer to navigate government red tape so that you can establish the property as a valid business corporation or sole proprietorship. If you don’t do the filings properly, you and the seller may incur fines, or be required to rebuild the property or have your business closed down.


Buying a property from a sole owner is simpler than buying from parties or corporations who are joint owners of the property. The negotiation is much more complicated and your lawyer has to ensure that the property transfer does not become problematic. Your lawyer has a better understanding of these types of deals and the boundaries that bound them legally within your state. They will ensure that the outcome of your transaction with the parties involved protects you, and doesn’t contravene the law.

Title search

This is one of the most important aspects of buying a house.Your lawyer has to make an investigation to ensure that the seller is well within their rights to sell …

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Are you wondering why you would need a car accident lawyer? Well, if you have ever been involved in a car accident, then you’d understand the need for getting a qualified attorney to represent your best interest. However, you do not need to wait until you learn about protecting yourself if there is a car accident.

You may read about legal advice and law firms that offer this legal service by reading legal service reviews. Reading reviews will help you better understand the intricacies of hiring a car accident lawyer if you have a car accident.

Reading reviews about several law firms and what people have to say about their legal service quality may also go a long way to help you know your rights, how to fight for them, and how to protect yourself and your property in a car accident. You can get these pieces of information on review platforms such as The following are the significant factors to look out for when hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you: –

1.  Clear Communicator

One of the factors you need to look out for when meeting with your prospective lawyer is how well he or she communicates with you. Since you are probably new to this and do not understand most legal terms, you need to watch out for whether the lawyer tries to carry you along as much as possible. A good lawyer that is interested in your case needs to take time to explain certain things to you clearly. That way, you have a feeling that your case is in the best hands.

2.  Provision of references

Another significant factor that you need to look out for when hiring a car accident lawyer is the willingness to provide references. To be on the safe side and assure you of the lawyer’s reputation, you should ask him or her for a list of references. This list should contain people that will attest to the reputation of the lawyer. If your prospective car accident lawyer is not willing to provide you with this list, you need to look elsewhere.

3.  Experience

Experience is the best teacher. If your prospective lawyer does not have experience with car accident cases, you may need to seek a qualified and experienced lawyer. The reason being that with a winning track record, you are assured of winning the case.

4.  Organized office space

Although this factor may seem trivial and unnecessary, it is very crucial. You need to check out how the staff handles themselves within the office and handle clients and cases. If your lawyer’s desk is disorganized or the office space looks scattered, the chances are that he or she may handle your case haphazardly.

5.  An engaged conversationalist

It would be best to consider whether or not the prospective lawyer seems interested and engaged in the case. If he or she does not appear engaged in the conversation while you explain things that happened, the …

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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business Protection

Business owners most of the time pride themselves on owning and developing successful businesses.

However, you will find most of these entrepreneurs sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to setting up security systems for those businesses.

This is so because the idea of the occurrence of any criminal activity to them is abstract or the cost of installing security systems into the business sounds absurd.

Whatever the reason is, it is insanely unwise to ignore the issue of security especially if you own a business.

It is needless to develop a business and leave it unsecured especially in these times where civil unrest is rampant and riots can easily occur which might lead to violence and destruction of property.

This is true also with our homes, if you do not have a proper security system installed for your house then check out for home security system reviews and gain some insight on the best security devices available.

With this in mind, let us look at some of the key reasons why you need to invest in your business’s Security system.

1.  To deter any criminal activity.

This is arguably the most important reason to set up a security business for your company.

Researchers have determined that businesses that employ security measures such as surveillance cameras are less likely to be attacked by criminals.

Criminals are prone to get cold feet when targeting businesses that have visible security measures installed.

Better yet, a good security system will enable your employees to easily contact the authorities immediately if they spot threats.

This will significantly decrease the severity of most of the attacks you experience.

2.  Protect the assets in your business.

Losing your business assets can be detrimental and cause several negative effects to your company.

Even if they have been insured, no amount of money can reverse the bad image your company will have or preserve the integrity of your customer data.

Setting up a security system for your business will protect the important assets that your company has.

3.  Protect your employees.

Installing security systems in your business will give your staff a sense of safety as they carry out their duties.

Especially if any of your employees work through late hours of the night, they will be focused more on doing their job than getting worried about attacks.

No amount of insurance money can repair the loss of an employee or reverse the bad reputation of your business in case it is attacked.

A well set up security system will both aid in protecting the safety of your employees as well as protect them from incidents that might occur in their workplace.

4.  Save you money.

A good security system will go a long way to save you money in many ways.

One is that you will have substantial proof when you go ahead to seek insurance money from your insurer, the surveillance footage will be irrefutable.

Another way you can save your business …

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Guide To Finding The Right Mesothelioma Lawyer For Your Case

Knowing the qualities of the lawyer you work with when filing for an asbestos injury claim puts you closer to your grand price. While the benefits of having a mesothelioma lawyer by your side are many, finding the right one can prove a challenge. So, how do you find the right mesothelioma lawyer for your case?

Work with Referrals and Recommendations

Unlike other lawsuits people deal with in the court of law, you have to be thorough when dealing with asbestos injury claims. Several lawyers in the market offer legal services, but not all of them can serve your interest. Finding the right one can prove hectic when you lack guidance. This is why you need to work with referrals and recommendations. It is easier to find the best lawyer for your mesothelioma lawsuit when referred by people you trust, such as family members or friends.


Mesothelioma is a form of cancer caused by extreme exposure to asbestos. When you research, you not only get information on the impact of mesothelioma but also how the legal process is handled. It is easier to access services from a reliable law firm such as Sokolove Law for your case. Through research, you also get to understand the qualities a lawyer should have and the roles played in your case. The more information you have, the faster it will be to find a reputable lawyer.

Consider Track Record of Success

It will only serve your interests when you get a favorable verdict in your mesothelioma lawsuit. The help you get from the lawyer determines how far the case will go after filing for mesothelioma compensation. When looking for a lawyer to work with, consider the track record of success. If the track record of the mesothelioma lawyer is impressive, there is confidence in getting better results in your case. However, if the track record of success of the lawyer is questionable, you should consider other options.

Consider Knowledge On Asbestos Injury Claims

It is vital to work with a professional who can confidently explain the possible scenarios in your mesothelioma lawsuit. The lawyer you seek to work with should have knowledge on evidence needed to make your case viable, the legal steps to follow, types of compensation, inclusive of mesothelioma settlement and asbestos trust fund, and the possible verdicts.

Experience and Reputation

Finding the right lawyer for your case means cross-checking your list and weighing the potential legal practitioners available before deciding. It is, however, easier to find the right mesothelioma lawyer when you focus on the experience possessed and the reputation. You should consider a lawyer who has been practicing and handling asbestos injury claims for years. The lawyer’s reputation is determined by the number of mesothelioma patients and families represented successfully in the past. An experienced lawyer is well versed with asbestos laws and other federal legislation.

Handling asbestos injury claims calls for effective preparation. Navigating the legal and justice system can be overwhelming. This is why you need …

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