Common Semi-Truck Injuries

Commercial trucking services have had increased demand for their services recently. This is why semi-truck drivers have been overworking and having to drive even in unregulated hours. Fatigued and stressed drivers are unsafe for the roads because they can commit driving errors and cause serious accidents on highways.

People involved in semi-truck accidents often get severe injuries since trucks are massive in size and such accidents are fatal. However, liable parties such as negligent semi-truck drivers must bear the financial burden incurred through the accidents to victims. Semi-truck accident victims should choose a reputable truck accident lawyer in Lafayette to represent them during the legal steps that follow such an incident. 

Neck injuries

Despite the speed limit of a semi-truck when a collision happens, the impact of such an accident often leads to severe neck injuries from whiplash to fractures on the neck and protruding discs. Whiplashes happens when a quick force pushes the muscles, tendons, and the connecting tissues, which can cause wear and tear in your neck.

Victims of semi-truck accidents can also experience a physical trauma that results in bulging discs where the outside edge of the spinal disc stretches beyond the vertebrae causing intense pain. Sometimes, a neck fracture can happen to victims as part of the vertebrae bones break or is fractured.

Injuries affecting the spinal cord

Semi-truck accidents can sometimes leave the victims with severe injuries that affect the spinal cord, which can cause life-threatening damages to the victims. Spinal cord injuries often lead to complete limb paralysis, paralysis of the legs and lower body, and the inability of victims to move the whole body or numbness in three limbs.

All these injuries require immediate and constant medical attention because they can have permanent complications on the victim’s body. A professional personal injury lawyer should be contacted to determine the value of such injuries and assist with medical reports to start the accident case.

Injuries on the head and brain

When someone is involved in a semi-truck accident, it is usually most likely for him or her to injure his or her head because the head gives a higher chance of being easily injured.  Therefore, any unexpected movement due to a collision from a bigger vehicle led to several injuries on the brain and head.

Victims get traumatic brain injuries when they hit their head on the truck’s dashboard or the steering wheel of a semi-truck. These sorts of head injuries can lead to memory loss, death, or loss of consciousness.


When a head-on collision happens between a semi-truck and a car, the intense impact might also cause internal bleeding or injuries. Semi-truck accidents incur many expenses from the victims varying from medical bills, vehicle damages, and compensation for loss of income and consortium.

Semi-truck accident victims are advised to hire a competent accident lawyer who will handle the complete legal processes that are needed to receive the necessary compensation. They will also re-investigate your accident case, get medical and police reports and relevant pieces of evidence to build up your case.