Gulf Coast Humane Society gets thoughtful donation from beyond the grave


It was a typical Tuesday afternoon at the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Until a man walked into the adoptions lobby and set a large jar of coins on the counter.

The man, who did not identify himself, said his neighbor had died and he was helping clean out his belongings when he found the jar of change. On it was a note with three words, “For poor animals.”

It inspired him to donate the jar of coins to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

“If you look at the jar, I mean, it’s heavy, I don’t know how much is in it. He’s been collecting for a long time, you know, then the note, saying for poor animals. So that generosity in itself, unbelievable,” said Brian Wierima, community relations coordinator for the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Wierima said the humane society gets a lot of donations but this one stands out.

“Oh yeah, this is definitely a different one. It was surprising, but the story behind it, very heartwarming. And just, you know, the neighbor’s friend, being able to respect his wishes,” Wierima said.

Wierima said the amount of the donation is not important. It could be items, money or even volunteer hours.

“It doesn’t matter how much, everything is appreciated, but it matters, it does make an impact on the shelter animals’ lives,” he said.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that relies on donations, big and small, to care for more than a 1,000 animals year-round.

“Every penny that people donate helps a shelter animal in one way or another, you know,” Wierima said. “Anything, it will affect the shelter animals’ life in a positive way.”

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