Hiring Personal Injury Attorney Vs. Handling Your Own Case 

Personal injury may happen in any form. From slipping on someone’s property to getting hurt at work, or getting into a car accident, any misshape can cause trivial to severe injury. The degree of your damage will hugely determine how big your claim can be. Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer is often consulted by people who are involved in accidents resulting in personal injurious.

But not all personal injury cases need an attorney. Some claims can be settled through small courts or insurance companies. If you are on fences whether to seek help from a professional personal injury attorney or handle the case on your own, read this article till the end.

Handling Your Own Case 

Before even thinking of defending your case, understand every aspect of your case first. Handing over the case to a professional Virginia Beach personal injury attorney at a later stage of the case might make it complex to win. So, evaluate whatever there is at stake if you happen to make any mistake. 

Having said that, let’s look into a few situations where you can handle the case on your own vs. where you need to call a legal attorney.  

  1. You Had a Car Accident with Little or No Injuries

Auto accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injuries in the US. If you get in a car accident where you and your vehicle suffers minor damage, you can claim insurance coverage from the other person involved. Instead of taking the legal route, you can settle the case with insurance claims quickly.


You Have Suffered Severe Injuries

There are times when we think that the injuries we have got during a car accident are nothing more than a bruise or sprain. Sometimes, the other driver’s insurance company may make offers to pay for the medical bills and pay even extra to compensate for the damage. But minor injuries may turn severe at later stage. Thus, it’s always advisable to thoroughly evaluate the extent of the injuries and make a call to Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer.

  1. You Live in a No-Fault State

According to the no-fault rules, one is allowed to sue the other party only when the injuries have risen to a predetermined level. It is determined either through the nature of the injuries or the cost incurred to treat them. If you have sustained a little damage, you will have limited coverage. In case your injury is severe enough, you should hire an attorney.

  1. You’re Already Getting the Maximum Settlement Amount Available 

Insurance companies will never pay more than their policy limit. If the person who has caused you injuries has insurance of $1500, 00, and offers you the settlement of $1500, 00, it is advised not to consult an attorney. Moreover, it’s the defendant and not the insurance company who has to make the extra insurance payment.

We hope this information will help you make a wise choice in the future.