How Do Telecoms, Media, And Internet Laws And Regulation Affect Consumers

The telecommunication industry is one of the biggest industries in the United States and indeed, the world at large. The regulatory bodies of the telecom industry were created to ensure consumers are satisfied with the quality of services rendered.

However, how do these laws affect consumers? Knowing how important telecom, media, and the internet is, some of these service providers will want to take undue advantage of the masses and deliver poor services. Also, individuals tend to give out vital information to these service providers and such information is supposed to be kept private.

The laws and regulations which were adopted were for consumer protection, and you should take note of these laws just in case there is a breach by your telecom provider.

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Now, how do these laws affect consumers? Read further to find out:

Protection of customer privacy by telecom providers

Whether you are subscribing to internet service, or you are just making phone calls, your information has been released to these telecom providers. Now, they are bound by law to protect consumer’s information and hold it confidentially. If you discover that your information was given out to a third party without your consent, you have the right to sue your telecom provider.

The FCC truth and filing policy

This law simply means consumers should be able to understand the way their phone is billed. This rule requires that the telecom provider should send a bill that includes the correct brief of a person’s billing. It should be clear, concise and not misleading. This means they should be written in easy and plain language. Also, charges that may lead to disconnection if not paid should be fully listed for the consumer.

Ordinance on telecommunication services

This law is concerned about international roaming. Service providers are now mandated by the law to charge consumers per second and not per minute. Also, mobile operators are obliged to be transparent to consumers and give them every vital information and the terms and conditions vital to international roaming. Furthermore, mobile operators need to check the internet access quality and inform consumers about the measurement of the quality of service.

Laws regarding emergency calls

There are always numbers to call when there are emergencies, and the law that governs it ensures those types of calls are free. Mobile operators are not allowed to charge for those calls.

Laws relating to internet speed

Internet providers and telecom industries are like the captain that keeps the ship going because these companies are what the world relies on. Internet providers have been mandated by law to provide consumers with fast internet service.

The laws and regulations of telecom, media, and the internet was made to protect consumers. And every consumer should know their rights in case there is a breach in contract by their telecom provider.