How to act if you have a legal problem in Spain?

A consumer claim is a communication that the consumer directs to the competent administration when there is a conflict or disagreement between him and the company or professional who sold the product or provided the service, highlighting the facts and requesting a solution and/or compensation.

According to many people in Spain when they have a problem do not know how to react. A good idea would be to file a complaint with the company. From this article or sites like reclamador, you can learn how to file a claim correctly.

Who can apply?

Anyone can submit a consumer request when acting as the final consumer.

Discrepancies that may exist between several companies or between several persons are therefore not consumer claims, so they will not be covered by consumer protection regulations or the agencies responsible for them.

Try to resolve the conflict amicably

Before submitting the application, it is advisable to contact the employer to try to resolve the conflict.

If they cannot reach an agreement or the employer does not respond to the consumer’s communication, the consumer can apply to the Municipal Consumer Information Office closest to his home or the General Directorate for Trade and Consumption.

It is recommended that the consumer make all communications with the seller or service provider using mechanisms that record their shipment, i.e. in writing or any durable medium, such as e-mail.

Claim the damage sheet

Apply the damage sheet to the unit, complete it and keep a copy of it. If the company refuses to provide the claim forms or claims that it does not have them You can request the assistance of the appropriate local police to register them.

The consumer, even if he does not have the official form, can present his complaint in any format. It is sufficient to prepare a letter stating the details of the plaintiff and defendant, the facts, and what is requested.

The application must specify:

  • Name, address, ID, email, and telephone number of the applicant.
  • Trade name, company name, address, email, NIF, and telephone number of the company against which the application is made.
  • A brief and clear description of the facts which are the subject of your request.
  • What do you ask for with the complaint?

Complaint forms

Complaint forms, which must be used by all units in the Community of Madrid, may be used.

Complaint forms consist of a set of forms in two copies plus instructions, one for the consumer and the other for the employer. These forms are available in carbonless paper and electronic format for direct download by the required companies and professionals.

In distance selling, auctioning and other sales systems that do not have a unit or space open to the public or when the provision of services or the sale of goods is done by automatic machines, the contractor will inform the consumer on how to access the official forms. of claim.

In the case of providing services or selling goods on the Internet, complaint forms can be made available to consumers through the company’s website.