Politicians’ ‘tax the rich’ rhetoric rings hollow given government spending | Letter

Politicians say all our problems can be laid at the foot of the government not having enough money to fix problems. And why don’t we have enough money? Because the “rich” don’t pay enough.

Let’s ignore the fact government spends trillions of dollars more than it takes in, a great deal of which is simply wasted on projects that in no way address our problems, and examine why the rich don’t pay enough.

Would you agree you (and the rich) follow the tax laws, paying everything you are required to pay? Would you agree that you (and the rich) take full advantage of any tax law that allows you not to pay certain monies? Would you agree that you will take tax benefits that you actually did nothing to earn, but monies the government is willing to give you?

If it is true that the rich have far more opportunities to hold onto more of their money than you do, who’s fault is that? Yours? Did you write those tax laws? Did the rich write those tax laws?

The people in government, who are more than ready to point a finger at the rich, are the very people who wrote the laws that benefit the rich. And let’s not forget many of those who write tax laws are rich.

Why is it that when politicians want to distract us from the crummy job they are doing, they turn to more taxes on the rich? When things are going badly, politicians want to tax the rich. When there is an election coming up, tax the rich. When you hear those words “tax the rich,” there is one thing you know for certain … no action taken will end up with more taxes on the rich.

Donna D’Angelo

Wind Gap