Retro Vinyl Music Night planned at Ontario County Historical Society

CANANDAIGUA — The powerful, influential jazz of Miles and ‘Trane. The harmonies of the Fab Four. The English blues-rock roar of Zeppelin. That’s just a sampling of what visitors to the Ontario County Historical Society Museum may hear April 9 while they get a close-up look at some of the musical tech of yesteryear. 

They’ll hear it on vinyl, of course. That’s the point, after all. 

The Retro Vinyl Record Night, set for 5 to 8 p.m. is the first of four special public evenings planned at the Historical Society on Canandaigua’s North Main Street over the course of the year, with further evenings planned to focus on films, video games and board games. For the April 9 event, the society, for that night only, will bring out some of its musical artifacts to display, such as a circa-1903 Edison Home Phonograph, a Victrola, vintage radios and assorted musical instruments. 

“The idea is just to get more people in here, to get people to see we are doing stuff, we are creating projects,” said Cody Grabhorn, historical society executive director. He said it’s also planned to attract a different, broader and perhaps younger audience than the museum normally sees — though, as he noted, vinyl records have appeal for everyone. (Vinyl collector Grabhorn’s own musical tastes are diverse, but if pressed for an absolute favorite, he’d pick “2112,” the landmark concept album by Canadian prog-rockers Rush.)