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OP-ED: A crime bred from the fabric of our society

To root out rape, alongside better laws, our culture needs to change 

Due to a spike in attention that rape cases have been getting recently (I say spike because rape cases have been happening in this intensity more or less for years now), but then something disturbing like the Noakhali gang-rape comes along which draws everyone’s attention to sexual violence suffered by women, for at least a few weeks anyway. 

After that, the rapes continue and, in cases, notch up the intensity, but we are busy with another issue by then. But, at the moment, people from all across the country have come out with their age-old arguments about why rapes happen and how to prevent them. 

Some of them are needed — the demands for justice and the calls for reformation of the penal code are things that do work to mitigate rape in some capacity or the other. Others are just regressive, counterproductive, and are symptoms of the real reasons of rape, such as the argument that “parda” has to be made mandatory, free-mixing needs to be banned, women should be kept inside their homes, etc. 

Then there are the more problematic solutions that are symptoms of the real reasons for rape — such as blaming the girls for their lifestyle, blaming an adoption of foreign cultures, etc. The last two solutions are of the same kind and they are made by the same sect of people, ie the overly-conservative and religious. 

While a lot of them might mean well with these statements as their indoctrinations only allow them to see the world through the lens of their particular religion, intentions really don’t amount to much when their words are directly contributing to patriarchy and the rape culture that pervades our society, reinforcing these trends of rape in the first place. 

And when they stand by while their cohorts justify sexual violence against women as a form of retribution for the victim’s non-compliance with their ideologies, the idea that they had good intentions becomes blurry.

In a patriarchal society

Problem is, a majority of the country is more likely to agree with the second and third groups of people. A majority of the people have grown up in a patriarchal society with the same ideological indoctrination, and it is only natural that they would accept information that reinforces their philosophies and world views. It also isn’t helpful that the second and third group of people actually have “stats” to back up their claims. 

So everything I have written so far is part of a Western agenda, and I should be sentenced to the eighth circle of hell for my lies and treachery. 

But the thing is, the stats these people use are false. A popular rhetoric people like to use against these extremists is the fact that women get raped regardless of their age, dress, or religion. The conservative society then retorts saying that there are a lot of girls that go around wearing Western dresses in order

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