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Stark photo of elephant herd wins Royal Society of Biology competition

A harrowing image of a herd of elephants eating from a rubbish dump in Sri Lanka, by Tilaxan Tharmapalan, has won first prize in this year’s Royal Society of Biology (RSB) photography competition.

image copyrightTilaxan Tharmapalan

The elephants pictured are rummaging for food near a wildlife sanctuary in Ampara District.

The authorities have recently banned the dumping of rubbish near these protected sites where elephants have been known to fall ill and die from eating the waste.

Tharmapalan’s photo was chosen by judges for addressing the competition theme of “Our Changing World”, winning him £1,000 in prize money.

Winner of the RSB’s Young Photographer of the Year was Ashwin Geerthan, 14, also from Sir Lanka.

Geerthan won for his image of cormorants perched on poles left by fishermen, waiting to spot fish in the waters, seen below.

image copyrightAshwin Geerthan

Here are other shortlisted images from the competition, with descriptions by the photographers.

Runner-up: The Boundary of Disaster, by Roberto Bueno in Belize

image copyrightRoberto Bueno

This straight line represents the border between nature and humanity.

Human impact like this can be seen all over the world with ecosystems going through huge dramatic changes.

Highly commended: Observer, by Agata Boguszewska in Richmond Park, London, UK

image copyrightAgata Boguszewska

Shortlisted: My Shirt, by Hasan Baglar in Nicosia, Cyprus

image copyrightHasan Baglar

The grasshopper is shedding its exoskeleton.

It will do this a number of times as it changes and grows during its lifetime.

Shortlisted: Young Volunteers, by Froi Rivera in Cavite, Philippines

image copyrightFroi Rivera

Three volunteers are seen happy and content during their tree-planting activity.

Shortlisted: The Olive Journey, by Saurabh Chakraborty in Rushikulya, Odisha, India

image copyrightSaurabh Chakraborty

Almost every year in Rushikhulya, Odisha, one of the most spectacular events in nature takes place.

Thousands of Olive ridley sea turtles come to this coastal region to lay eggs.

Shortlisted: Greenhouse, by Jonathan Jimenez in Gant, Belgium

image copyrightJonathan Jimenez

The image of an abandoned 19th Century greenhouse shows how nature can reclaim and transform structures left by humans.

Young Photographer of the Year, runner-up: The World is a Good Place, by Charlotte Bean in Brookmans Park, England, UK

image copyrightCharlotte Bean

We tend to focus on the bad changes that occur in the world around us, yet so much positivity can be found if we look in the right places.

Here, the young goslings are making the first steps into their world.

Highly commended: End of a Thousand Dreams, by Saptarshi Gayen in Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India

image copyrightSaptarshi Gayen

As extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, it is important to recognise the impact they have, not just on humans but also on the rest of nature.

Two baby baya weaver (Ploceus philippinus) had fallen out of their nest and died following a cyclone.

Shortlisted: Silent Noon, by Rosie Tarboton in Claygate, Surrey, UK

image copyrightRosie Tarboton

Changes occur all the time in nature,

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Why The Elephant And The Donkey?

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A defensive response the place you accuse folks of believing “those that usually are not black are evil” just because they suggest racism is a big social downside is not going to help. Additionally it is this interdependence that creates alternative for various forms of concepts to proliferate, affecting and effecting folks in varied methods.

W. E. B. DuBois skillfully outlined the main points of the “double consciousness” that causes African individuals to see themselves by way of the eyes different folks(1969). I interpreted it as unintentional racist, but in the South, most white individuals overlook similar to that.

It(Egyptian) music also spread and influenced the Jap and Western World.” And this was accomplished By Africans from Egypt and from an African Centered and historic perspective. Social media makes us aware of the fact that there are many individuals who’re identical to us and if somebody is going by a illness, she or he can easily discover neighborhood teams on the web.

Within the Hub above, I needed to cowl mostly the South American and , Caribbean and Latin American , together with the Gullah of North America in order that at the very least one can will get to see and find out about Africans and their African cultures within the Western Hemisphere.…

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Why The Elephant And The Donkey?

Though misunderstood and misrepresented by the media and its opponents, the Nineteen Sixties Black Energy motion touched each side of American tradition, and like the “New Negro” Motion of the 1920s, African People got here of age, turning into self-determining and racially conscious. A way more in-depth and very extensive History, music and instruments of Africans might be composed sooner or later by me, and I hope to be able to full that very hard and long Hub if time permits and my health holds steady. Many Africans consider that our solely actual battle is to join the mythical “mainstream” as individuals.

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To grasp why this misguided notion exists it is very important notice that the Maghrib is all the time viewed as separate from the Southern region of the African continent. The last sentence is germane to the discourse on South Africa at this point in this Hub. The phrase, “Moor” actually means “Black”, so the Moorish individuals have been “Black”(African) people,” Some anthropologists assign them to an arbitrary “Brown Race”, and others label them Dark-Whites.…

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