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Athos Group Experiences Dramatic Growth and Expansion in Off-Duty Law Enforcement Market with Simple, Transparent Technology

National off-duty service provider expands footprint with strategic acquisition and best-in-class technology that connects communities with everyday heroes

Athos Group, the nation’s fastest-growing solution and service provider in the off-duty law enforcement security and services industry, experienced continued growth in 2020 with an increase of nearly 22.5 percent of customers from Q1 to Q2 along with a strategic acquisition and technology innovation. In 2006, Athos started with fewer than 100 law enforcement officer associates and two initial clients. Since 2010, Athos has grown more than 11,000% having now worked with over 15,000+ officers across the country, representing more than 1,400 law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

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Off-duty or “extra-duty” staffing has existed for decades across law enforcement agencies nationwide. By providing opportunities for law enforcement officers (LEOs) to secure private assignments, businesses can increase security, while helping officers supplement their income. Until recently, facilitating and managing off-duty staffing has been a highly manual and time-consuming process. Athos Group’s expanded footprint in the rapidly-growing $11 billion off-duty market confirms that the company is addressing the industry’s most pressing need—simple, efficient and cost-effective staffing solutions. Athos is constantly introducing new innovations, features and services to meet the needs of all key stakeholders in the off-duty market, including LEAs, LEOs, businesses, communities and coordinators.

“The Athos Group and our family of law enforcement ‘extra-duty’ companies exist to serve peace officers and the communities they are sworn to protect. We help provide clarity, transparency, and accountability to each program—as defined by their licensing agencies and requested by members of their communities,” said Chris White, Athos Group’s founder and CEO. “Now more than ever, everyone in the off-duty market is looking for ways to increase community awareness, provide greater visibility and find opportunities to gain trust with those in their care. Athos makes it possible to achieve all those goals and then some.”

With Athos Group’s team of client service experts, paired with its unrivaled software management capabilities, LEAs, businesses and coordinators can easily track and staff jobs with very little lead time. The benefits of Athos Group’s solutions also make a substantial impact on cost-savings, allowing stakeholders to reduce the administrative overhead previously associated with off-duty staffing program management. Athos Group’s top priority is connecting communities with everyday heroes in a way that provides the highest benefit and maximum transparency. In doing so, it fosters goodwill between businesses, LEAs and officers.

One contributor to Athos Group’s unprecedented growth is the continued expansion of its legacy business, Summit Off Duty Services (ODS), which serves the off-duty law enforcement security industry through unmatched partner consulting, client engagement and customer support. Summit collaborates with its partners to ensure the success of each job, by providing access to off-duty officers across the nation—at the local, county and state level. Due to the new challenges spurred by the pandemic, businesses across the country and industries are facing operational and financial headwinds. As a result, the client-focused managed services

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Origin And Growth Of Guidance And Counseling Follow In Tanzanian Colleges

A society is principally outlined as a set of individuals. It is the excessive time for the government to set and implement the policy that will enhance steerage and counseling from primary schools to the tertiary degree and in flip will develop programs that practice professional faculty counselors and different guidance personnel.

In brief if two or three party relationships can happen say domestically as a workable relationships which can be mutually acceptable then does it matter if statistical studies present ups an downw in trends as the years roll by simply so long as the relationships may be harmoniously maintained for society anyplace on earth to perform correctly in a approach that pleases the ‘supremacy of God’ nonetheless you select to outline that quoted phrase of the Canada Constitution side of the charted of human rights and freedoms in the freedoms section that has it in the preamble clause as: whereas Canada is based on rules that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of legislation taking the ranking of the 2 elements as larger for supremacy of God then for the rule of legislation.

We take a look at the actual historical past of cornrow hair, and ask why are people so determined to argue concerning the who’s and why’s of tradition. All of us must be sure that our personal society performs nicely and sticks to the basic ideas of a thriving should not overlook how many people have sacrificed their lives for the development of the society.

Requiring a strict development of the felony code additionally insures a good trial by guaranteeing the government cannot prosecute a person for uncommon interpretations of the regulation. People who find themselves wearing inappropriate or soiled garments may be outlined as a person who has an issue.

It might be, nevertheless, that it is authorities and massive enterprise who are essentially the most empowered – and at our expense. ‘Society strikes ahead and the legislation limps behind.’ Focus on this assertion referring to up to date points regarding family legislation.…

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Origin And Growth Of Steering And Counseling Practice In Tanzanian Colleges

Lots of the individuals we know and meet daily have experienced some type of melancholy in their lives, it isn’t at all times the medical and sever melancholy that we perceive to be very harmful and naturally dramatic in life events, a lot of people expertise delicate and generally passing phases of melancholy. Frankly, they aren’t the boys they used to be. Robust financial and social influences have steered many men in direction of embracing girls’s roles and life. Her murder “effectively marked the downfall of Alexandrian intellectual life.” An ideal examply of man’s brutality in the direction of girls and there mind in those instances.

Yes, I am aware that girls must stay in a patriarchal society and have adopted patriarchal values. This poster instantly reflected the thoughts of women at the time, therefore allowing the federal government and media to reap the benefits of women’s aspirations and manipulate them to their benefit.

It is painful that many families do not pay good attention to their female kids because the families do not see them as being very useful to them when compared with the male. I do not assume there’ll ever be any legal guidelines or rules banning male oriented merchandise or promoting, it is just that the goal market shall be increasingly Female.

Rosie the Riveter’s unique objective was to ignite patriotism in females so that they may quickly go away the house to fill the person’s place in society, but ever because the first appearance of this character, women have been impressed to exceed societal expectations.

The impact of the household, society, nation and particular person makes each particular person distinctive as he develops a novel set of values. We can not continue guilty the youth for the problems in trendy society for kids learn what they stay and so they stay what they learn”(from poem by Dorothy Regulation Neite).This saying is as true right now because it was yesterday.…

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Origin And Growth Of Steerage And Counseling Apply In Tanzanian Colleges

Being in employment is crucial to residing an excellent life. We’re already beneath massive surveillance from our governments, with the world beginning to look extra like George Orwell’s fictional 1984 novel than like the real world which Orwell lived in when he wrote it. The true danger, however, is the in power that the evaluation of this ‘big information’ provides authorities to not solely watch us, but to manipulate and control us. I’m not necessarily speaking concerning the kind of MK-Ultra mind-managed murderer type of control right here – extra like the form of management seen in advertising and social engineering, only far more efficient.

A lot of girls nowadays are beginning to make their own names and fame in our society. I have a lot to say – – and prove why I do know Females to be the Superior human species – – but I would like to ensure I’m not writing to air first, and that you’d want to hear from a lowly male.

Yes i agree but like you may have mentioned the women already in politics are inclined to need to go about it in a really male means to fit in, what we need is for a feminine only get together to be set up have been there are no male members to permit girls to freely behave as women in the social gathering.

All in all, I feel that it is determined by the particular person and how they resolve to view the norms, beliefs, and values of their society and the way they want to incorporate them into their lives. The opposite facet of the coin to the oppressive government and big enterprise management described above is the potential of technology to empower bizarre people.

With depictions of Rosie the Riveter with a child strapped to her again” occurring all through magazines, it captured the dilemma of the working mother” while opening the eyes of females to the concept that they could work within the labor pressure and nonetheless raise their kids (Holsinger & Schofield, 146).…

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