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Unrest in Avon? Trump’s message of law and order, loaded with racist undertones, takes aim at safety and security in Connecticut suburbs

In the eyes of President Donald Trump and some Republicans, electing the Democrats in 2020 would lead to a clear and frightening outcome: tranquil suburbs in Connecticut and elsewhere would be overrun by crime, violent protests, and social decay.

It’s an old message with a new twist, fueled by the backlash against Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations this summer that were largely peaceful in Connecticut, but turned violent in Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities.

Referring to the prospect of civil unrest, David X. Sullivan, a Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional District, told the Courant that he is “concerned about Avon, Farmington and Simsbury becoming as violent as Portland, New York and Chicago.”

Unrest in Avon?

Trump’s law and order message and its many versions may sound far-fetched to some. But there is a racist undertone to the rhetoric that has proven effective in the past, said Noel A. Cazenave, a professor of sociology at UConn. It reflects a long history of American politicians attempting to secure votes by playing up racial fears.

A Trump campaign video from July conjures up a world of defenseless suburbs under attack, showing a fictionalized scene of an elderly white woman watching a news segment about the defunding of the police as a shadowy intruder breaks into her house. She calls 9-1-1 but there is no dispatcher to pick up. The ad flashes a message: “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

Sullivan said he rejects any implication that there is a racial element to his campaign messaging, which he described as an effort to “promote safety, in our homes, in our workplaces.”

But Cazenave notes that fear-mongering in political campaigns has deep roots in America, from Richard Nixon’s “Law and Order” campaign in the late 1960s to George H. W. Bush’s late 1980s political ad centered on Willie Horton, a Black man incarcerated in Massachusetts who raped a white woman while released on furlough, meant to demonstrate his Democratic opponent’s weak stance on crime. Trump is exploiting those same themes this year, Cazenave said.

“Donald Trump’s appeal to European-American suburban women voters is intended to exploit fear that if Joe Biden is elected, low-income African Americans and African American protestors will invade their suburbs,” Cazenave said. He noted that the tactic is “an extension of the old racist trope of imperiled white women.”

Message resonating?

Many Trump supporters in the state say they find comfort in Trump’s promise of safety and were angered to see Connecticut law enforcement come under attack during Black Lives Matter protests this summer and through the recent police accountability bill signed by Gov. Ned Lamont.

In a Biden White House, Trump supporters say they fear the dismantling of constitutional liberties and a lax approach to public safety.

“We haven’t seen the Democrats come out and really put a squash on the increase in crime or the rioting out West and even though we haven’t seen it here, there is that fear that

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MPs reject calls by campaigners to enshrine food safety in UK law

Farmers and food campaigners were defeated on Monday night in their attempts to enshrine high food safety and animal welfare practices in British law.

a tractor in front of a building: A demonstration by farmers outside the Houses of Parliament ahead of the vote.

© Getty Images
A demonstration by farmers outside the Houses of Parliament ahead of the vote.

Several prominent backbench Tory MPs rebelled against the government to vote for amendments to the agriculture bill that would have given legal status to the standards, but the rebels were too few to overcome the government’s 80-seat majority and the key amendment fell by 332 votes to 279 after an often impassioned debate.

The government argued that giving current standards legal status was unnecessary as ministers had already committed to ensuring that UK food standards would be kept in any post-Brexit trade agreements. However, critics fear that the lack of a legally binding commitment in the agriculture bill will allow future imports of sub-standard food that will undercut British produce and expose consumers to risk.

Kath Dalmeny, chair of the Future British Standards Coalition, said: “It’s dismaying that the government has opposed attempts to put into law its own commitment to maintain British food standards. It is perfectly possible to have high standards at home and sign trade deals with new trading partners who meet them. It’s what consumers have repeatedly said they want.”

The bill, with its defeated amendments, will now return to the House of Lords and there will be further chances this week for debate. But the government’s majority gives proponents of a tougher bill a hill to climb, despite a recent YouGov poll that showed nine out of 10 people want to protect British standards on food and animal welfare in trade deals.

Katie White, executive director of advocacy and campaigns at WWF, said: “We hope the Lords take this public mandate to deliver the Conservative manifesto commitment to maintain standards, especially after it was significantly backed by Conservative MPs. We call on peers to secure guarantees that the public and MPs are told upfront about any changes to standards that might happen as a result of trade deals, and that the final say on any changes will be a decision for our elected representatives.”

Video: Hancock should consider resigning says Labour Deputy Leader (The Independent)

Hancock should consider resigning says Labour Deputy Leader



The votes came as a Dispatches documentary on Channel 4 revealed the poor hygiene and welfare among livestock on intensive farms in the US. Although the government has given repeated assurances that chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef would not be imported to the UK under any trade deals, campaigners point out that banning these two products would still allow the import of many types of other food produced under conditions and with drugs, including antibiotics, that would be illegal in the UK.

Luke Pollard, the shadow environment, food and rural affairs secretary, said: “The Conservatives have again broken their promise to British farmers and the public. No one wants lower quality food on our plates, but there

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Highlighting housing affordability and space safety to build a smarter society | Imperial News

For Sale sign

Imperial researchers are helping policymakers and industry build a smarter society with the support of the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund.

Tracking housing affordability

One project, led by Professor Majid Ezzati of the Artificial Intelligence Network, tracks housing affordability with administrative and open data and machine learning. Researchers set out to create a data and method infrastructure for using and integrating multiple administrative and open data for regular estimation of housing cost (purchase and rental) in London.

What we need are plans and policies that leverage cities’ potential for innovation to improve the health of low-income and marginalised groups. Professor Majid Ezzati

As part of the wider project to reduce health inequalities in cities around the world, researchers have downloaded data from the UK census, the land registry (address, date and cost of all sales), Rightmove and the UK Energy Performance Certificates, and obtained remote access to the English Housing Survey.

London requires more affordable housing

London’s housing affordability and inequality are linked because of changes in the geography of affordability in cities over time. The project has now begun exploratory analysis of both sale prices and quality, with work on rental prices to follow.

Evidence-based space policy

Dr Jonathan Eastwood of the Space Lab Network of Excellence has been developing an evidence-based policy for UK space safety in the 2020s. In collaboration with the London Institute of Space Policy and Law, Imperial researchers sought to explore the national challenges that space provides and to develop a policy platform within Imperial, to improve how the College’s expertise informs space policymaking. The project has examined the current state of UK policy in this area, the capabilities and expertise of Imperial, and the potential for Imperial to contribute evidence-based information to the development of UK Space Safety Policy.

Strong evidence-based policy and law is crucial to navigating the fluid and dynamic challenges of space research Dr Jonathan Eastwood

They have found that although the UK has been active in Space Safety, there is no dedicated reference to it in current UK Space Policy documents. Imperial is found to have considerable technical capabilities to inform policy challenges in all areas of Space Safety considered in the course of the research, in alignment with the college’s new Academic Strategy. Through the further cooperation of Space Lab and ISPL, there is a golden opportunity to translate this technical expertise into evidence-based Space Safety policy development.

Earth in spaceThese reports will be presented at an industry event on ‘Space Safety and Security’ on 21 October organised by the Imperial College Institute for Security Science and Techology (ISST), in conjunction with ISPL and Space Lab. Dr Eastwood also wrote a blog post on the findings for The Forum, Imperial’s policy engagement programme, to be sent to relevant policymakers in Parliament and the civil service.

Imperial’s Academic Strategy

The college’s Academic Strategy sets out a vision for Imperial as a place for authoritative thinking, world-leading teaching, and creative research ideas. We have identified four themes which bring together research, education and

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Essential workers rally for state law mandating workplace safety

A bodega

The law’s standards would include providing workers with personal protective equipment, implementing testing protocols, supplying hand sanitizer, following social distancing, and disinfecting areas in the workplace. | Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Essential workers, union leaders and elected officials are pushing for legislation that would mandate workplace safety standards for Covid-19 and establish industry-specific worker committees to determine what those standards will be.

Though not yet introduced, the NY HERO Act, sponsored by Assemblywoman Karines Reyes, and State Sen. Michael Gianaris, would include fines for businesses that rack up violations and encourage workers to monitor and report them, along with guarantees the workers would be protected from retaliation.


“We’re still working on the benchmarks and the language,” Reyes said during a rally in front of Northwell Health’s Greenwich Village location Wednesday. She highlighted the importance of worker input into what the bill’s protocols will entail.

“We believe worker committees are the most important concept here,” Reyes said.

Fines, which have not yet been set, would function as additional revenue for the Department of Labor. The standards include providing workers with personal protective equipment, implementing testing protocols, supplying hand sanitizer, following social distancing, and disinfecting areas in the workplace.

UPS worker Lennox James said the company was not proactive enough in supplying worker protections back in April, more than a month into the pandemic. He said his union, Teamsters Local 804, pushed his employers to do so and directed them to masks available at wholesale prices.

“They did not do their due diligence until the heart of this pandemic,” James said, noting that adequate protections have since been maintained for himself and his colleagues.

Others had to take time off because of a lack of protections that exacerbated fears of contracting Covid-19.

“I had to leave my job for one month because I didn’t have access to [personal protective] equipment,” said Maria Parra, a restaurant worker, in Spanish.

Beena Martinez, a member of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union and trainer for the Retail Action Project, lost her mother, a retired nurse who spent most of her career at Flushing Hospital, to Covid-19 this May after a two week battle with the virus.

Martinez, who moved to New York from India in 1991 and has been in the retail industry for more than 20 years, noted additional concern for her brother, who works in a nursing home.

“It was scary [for them] but they had to take care of patients,” said United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 2013 union field director Francine Streich, carrying a folder stuffed with letters from union members relaying their on-the-job experiences. Streich works with many immigrant workers on Long Island, including those in the home care field.

“We don’t depend on drivers of their cars to keep to a certain speed; we have rules and regulations. Without enforceable standards, many people would die on the highway. That’s what happened to essential workers during the last pandemic,” said Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, president of the New York State

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Harris team assured by VP debate safety measures

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the 2020 presidential election (all times local):

8:20 p.m.

Kamala Harris’ chief of staff says the Democratic campaign is confident in the safety measures for Wednesday’s vice presidential debate.

But Karine Jean-Pierre also called it “shameful” that Vice President Mike Pence’s team objected to the use of a plexiglass barrier between the candidates. She noted that Pence heads the White House’s coronavirus task force and says he and his team should want more protection for him and people involved in the debate.

Her comments came during an interview Tuesday on CNN.

Harris and Pence will meet Wednesday night at the University of Utah for the only vice presidential debate.

Jean-Pierre says Harris is well-prepared to show viewers the contrast between President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic and how she and Joe Biden would approach it.



President Donald Trump is recovering from the coronavirus at the White House. He announced Tuesday that he had instructed his aides to abandon COVID-19 relief talks with congressional Democrats until after the Nov. 3 election. Democrat Joe Biden campaigned in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday.

Read more:

— Trump, contagious at White House, back to downplaying virus

— Trump halts COVID-19 relief talks until after election

— Countering Trump, US officials defend integrity of election

— 5 questions as Pence and Harris prepare for debate faceoff



7:35 p.m.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he and President Donald Trump “shouldn’t have a debate” as long as the president remains positive for the coronavirus.

Biden said Tuesday that he’s “looking forward to being able to debate him” but said “we’re going to have to follow very strict guidelines.” He says he doesn’t know Trump’s status since the president returned to the White House after being hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for three days after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Biden told reporters while boarding his plane back to Delaware in Hagerstown, Maryland: “I think if he still has COVID, then we shouldn’t have a debate.”

The next debate is scheduled for Oct. 15, with a third debate slated for Oct. 22.

Biden’s campaign says he tested negative for COVID-19 earlier Tuesday.


5:40 p.m.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says the U.S. doesn’t have to choose between “law and order” and racial justice.

Speaking near the national historic site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, Biden cited “instances of excessive police force” and “heart-wrenching cases of racial injustice” that have inspired peaceful protests across the country. Biden says instances of violence and burning during some demonstrations “cannot be tolerated” but also should not obscure the larger issues.

President Donald Trump is campaigning as a “law and order” president and blasting racial justice protests as violent anarchy in U.S. cities led by Democrats. And the president has falsely accused Biden of calling to “defund the police” across the country.

Biden says

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Middleburg Heights mulls safety law to prevent nuisance hotels

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio — City officials are considering an ordinance that would require specific safety measures and restrictions for Middleburg Heights hotels and motels.

The draft proposal was introduced at the Sept. 22 City Council meeting and immediately referred to the Safety Committee for further discussion.

According to the legislation, a new chapter would be created in the city’s codified ordinances “to mandate hotels and motels implement security measures for the safety of their clientele and for the health, safety and welfare of all residents and businesses … and to prevent criminal conduct and nuisances.”

The location will be considered a nuisance if it fails to comply with federal, state or city codes; has numerous drug- or alcohol-related arrests; has incidents of prostitution or sex slave-related arrests; or has “excessive” calls for service.

A call for service is defined as Middleburg Heights police officers being directed or dispatched to the hotel. An excessive number of service calls is five or more drug/alcohol/prostitution/sex slave incidents occurring within any 30-day period.

After the fifth occurrence, the establishment would be required to have at least one armed, off-duty Middleburg Heights law enforcement officer on site between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. for 90 days.

Hotel/motel management must report incidents involving theft, prostitution, illegal drug use or other violations of law to the Middleburg Heights Police Department, according to the ordinance.

Mayor Matt Castelli explained why the ordinance is needed.

“We have a lot of service calls for police and fire that go to a small grouping of low-cost hotel/motels in our community,” he told cleveland.com on Sept. 25. “Those calls for service are exponentially greater versus the rest of the community. These challenges have been there for a decade or more.”

He said the legislation has been in the works for several months, and the hotels and motels have been told of the city’s expectation that they will “operate in a professional manner.”

“We have seen everything from drug activity to weapons violations to thefts,” Castelli emphasized. “We’re not going to tolerate this type of activity in our community. Period.”

Read more stories from the News Sun.

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StrawMan Are You A Individual Or Collateral? Does Your Social Safety Card Prove You Are

Political science has a relationship within the examine of law. Legal guidelines are like rules for an entire country. Among different influences on the framers option to divide the government into three separate branches, was the Magna Carta and Mayflower Compact (Constitution of the United States of America, 2009). Hitler enacted a legislation that ensured Jews could not have guns.

On this political work, Hobbes said the idea of a social contract, and the principle that society and government have an established “social contract” in regards to political functions and that of the state and the residents that make up that state.

Nice Hub, this could help to put a damper on the tendency of the proper to equate what comparatively gentle effort the Obama administration makes with reference to gun control and the associated circumstance in Hitler’s Germany during the Third Reich.

The last word purpose of this Invisible Government is to rework the United States right into a Socialist State after which to merge the Nation right into a One World Government Socialist System. I urge every American to analysis and skim the Agenda 21 Mission, this is towards what our ancestors fought for and wrote within the Structure, for us the American people.

Over 14 Million + American are Unemployed(at the time of this writing).Thanks to our Government and presidents included, who authorized the American corporations, which we People constructed as the consumers; while they appropriated their business abroad, and therefore, terminating American’s jobs within the United States.…

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