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Joe Brolly: Society has been infected by Social Media Tourettes and the GAA is no exception

The Reverend Travis Clarke, Catholic parish priest of the Pearl Saint Peter & Saint Paul diocese in Louisiana, was arrested last week on obscenity charges. Bored by lockdown, his empty schedule allowing his head to be filled with unclean temptation, the poor man finally succumbed and as you do, organised an orgy on the church altar with his two communion servers. I have to say I’ve never been a fan of orgies. One never knows who to thank at the end of the night.

ast Wednesday, after the arrest, the Archbishop of New Orleans travelled to the church with his resident exorcist (I kid you not) and they performed a lengthy ritual (behind closed doors) that was said to have “purified God’s altar and restored the sanctity of his holy church.”

Rev Clarke, who has been summarily suspended, must be sorely regretting videoing the whole thing on his phone, which according to the local police chief he had “set up on a tripod to get the best possible angles, which will be a great help to the prosecution team.” As a friend of mine from Dungiven commented, “Let he who has not organised an orgy on the church altar with his communion servers throw the first stone.”

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New law aims to protect finances, privacy of child social media stars

Some young children earn millions of dollars through social media influencing and promotion, but there’s little legislation or protection for most. A new law in France aims to try to safeguard children under the age of 16, protecting their finances and providing some privacy.

The legislation, which was passed unanimously by the French parliament on Oct. 6, creates a “legal framework” that gives social media stars the same protections as French child models and actors.

A press release about the law says videos of child influencers online raise “important questions about the interests of the children they portray” and raises questions about the “impact celebrity can have on the psychological development of children, the risks of cyber-harassment, even child pornography, and the fact that these activities are not regulated by labor law.”

Bruno Studer, the politician behind the bill, told the French newspaper Le Monde that the law would make France a pioneer in the rights of child social media stars.

“Children’s rights must be preserved and protected, including on the internet, which must not be a lawless area,” Studer told La Tribune, another publication.

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The multi-part legislation “guarantees that the conditions of employment” for social media influencers under the age of 16 are “compatible with his schooling and the safeguard of his health.” The majority of a child’s income garnered from social media influencing must be paid to a specific French public sector financial institution, which will hold and manage that money until the child comes of age. The law also places limits on how many hours a child can work as an influencer.

Another part of the law also gives children some protection from the platforms on which they post. One piece of the legislation “makes platforms participate more actively in the detection of problematic audiovisual content” and “creates an obligation of cooperation with public authorities.” Platforms face a fine of 75,000 euros, or around $88,700, for not complying with these obligations.

The legislation also includes a “right to erasure,” which means that minors can ask platforms to take down images of themselves and requires platforms to comply.

Children can earn millions of dollars online. According to Forbes, an American child named Ryan Kaji made more than $20 million in 2018 by reviewing toys on YouTube.

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Social media impacts our elections, protests, and politics

Last April, states began to sporadically reopen after weeks of being shut down. Georgia was among the first to begin the process, while some states didn’t start lifting restrictions until June. The uncoordinated reopening caused chaos, according to Sinan Aral, director of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy.

Why? Because Georgia pulled in hundreds of thousands of visitors from neighboring states — folks hoping to get a haircut or go bowling.

Aral was tracking Americans on social media, and it became clear to him that having uncoordinated policies for the coronavirus doesn’t make sense. As people watched their social feeds fill with images of people heading back outside, they stepped out too — even if their state wasn’t at the same phase.

Aral, the author of “The Hype Machine: How Social Media Disrupts Our Elections, Our Economy, and Our Health — and How We Must Adapt,” has used social media as a tool to gain insight into everything from pandemic reopenings to protests and politics. And core to what he’s learned is that “social media is designed for our brains.”

Humans have an intrinsic need to seek out and process social signals, he says — something we’ve used to our advantage throughout history.

But the invention of social media? It’s “like throwing a lit match into a pool of gasoline,” he said.

We can’t look away, no matter the cost.

Three takeaways:

  • Social media is immensely powerful, Aral says. The “tremendous leverage” it has to “influence opinions and behaviors in the physical world” can be captured for good or bad. How do we hang on to the good and scrap the bad? Aral says creating more competition could go a long way.
  • There’s a strange dance between real people tweeting fake stuff and fake accounts amplifying those tweets. That was clear in 2014 when Russians used social media to reframe the annexation of Crimea as an “accession,” rather than a takeover, Aral says. This changed its perception on the ground and internationally, as diplomats struggled to decide whether or not to intervene.
  • The Russian social media strategy in 2020 is “much more sophisticated” than it was in 2016, Aral says — and the US intelligence community agrees. As platforms have cracked down on fake accounts, Russia has covertly encouraged US citizens to “start and spread false propaganda and manipulative content.” Plus, they’ve moved their servers to US soil, which makes them harder to find.

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Turkey Says Facebook Risks Fines If Flouts New Social Media Law

(Bloomberg) — Turkey will penalize Facebook with escalating fines and could make it excrutiatingly slow to use the platform if the company flouts a new social media law that could be used to stifle dissent.

Buildings on the skyline of the European side sit on the horizon, framed beneath a Turkish flag flying from the Asian side, in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday, April 27, 2020. Coming off a brief recession just over a year ago, the urgency is mounting for Turkey to loosen the screws on the economy as its currency and reserves come under pressure more than a month after it introduced social-distancing measures.

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Buildings on the skyline of the European side sit on the horizon, framed beneath a Turkish flag flying from the Asian side, in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday, April 27, 2020. Coming off a brief recession just over a year ago, the urgency is mounting for Turkey to loosen the screws on the economy as its currency and reserves come under pressure more than a month after it introduced social-distancing measures.

A senior Turkish official said The Menlo Park, California-based company had not formally told the government whether or not it would not be appointing a local representative.

But the social media giant will face an initial 10 million lira ($1.3 million) fine on Nov. 2 if it defied the rules and the penalties would increase as non-compliance continued, the official said, asking not to be identified speaking about confidential matters. Turkish law was clear on the new rules and the government planned to ensure companies met them, he added.

a close up of a sign: Signage is displayed outside Facebook Inc. headquarters in Menlo Park, California, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018. Facebook Inc., which had warned of rising costs and slowing growth, reported quarterly revenue roughly in line with expectations and profit that beat analysts' forecasts. And despite scandals around fake news and election interference, it added more users, too.

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Signage is displayed outside Facebook Inc. headquarters in Menlo Park, California, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018. Facebook Inc., which had warned of rising costs and slowing growth, reported quarterly revenue roughly in line with expectations and profit that beat analysts’ forecasts. And despite scandals around fake news and election interference, it added more users, too.

The Financial Times reported earlier this week that Facebook had told Turkish authorities it would not comply with the legislation, which went into effect last week and seeks to tighten control over social media by requiring companies to name a representative in Turkey and store some data from users on local servers.


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Those measures could give the government more leverage against critics in a country that already monitors social media closely and has previously hampered access to websites, including Twitter.

Facebook, which has around 37 million users in Turkey, found the new legislation to be too restrictive, according to the FT. Turkey’s ministry of infrastructure, which is responsible for enforcing the new law, declined to comment. Facebook headquarters in the U.S. declined to comment. It was not clear if other social media companies planned to comply.

Draconian Laws

Turkey’s parliament swiftly gave authorities new powers to tighten their grip on social media in July, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was infuriated by what he described as insults over the birth of his eighth grandchild.

Turkey Tightens Social Media Control After Erdogan Cries Foul

The law also requires social media companies to respond within 48 hours to requests to remove content, a broad power that allows authorities to block access to anything they might consider illegal. Companies that do not abide also risk having their Internet bandwidth slashed by as much as 90%, making the platform practically too slow to use, and Turkish firms could

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Words With Friends and the American Cancer Society Partner for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Social Initiative, #WordsWithHope

Popular Mobile Game Kicks-off Month-long Campaign Magnifying the Power of Words and Allyship in the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Today, Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), a global leader in interactive entertainment, announced that its iconic game Words With Friends, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is kicking off its second annual #WordsWithHope initiative: a month-long campaign supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout October, a word of hope will be shared on Zynga’s social channels and in Words With Friends as the ‘Word of the Day’. The word’s definition will be a statement shared by influential people whose lives have been changed by breast cancer, illustrating the significance of screening and early detection, and celebrating the heroes that have faced this diagnosis head on.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201001005174/en/

Words With Friends and the American Cancer Society Partner for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Social Initiative, #WordsWithHope (Photo: Business Wire)

Joining Words With Friends and the American Cancer Society in this campaign are beloved individuals from the entertainment, fashion, literature, tech, medicine and sports sectors, including:

Alanis Morissette

Dr. Alpa Patel

Betsey Johnson

Bobby Cremins

Chandra Wilson

Deepthi Menon

Ellen Siminoff


Guy Branum

Javicia Leslie

Jonathan Tsipis

Kris Kim

Mary Kay Andrews

Melissa Rivers

Philippa Gregory

Phuong Phillips

Regina Dugan

Sarah Bird

Sue Monk Kidd

Suzy Nakamura

Taryn Southern

Virginia Williams

Wally Lamb



“We know that in the U.S. alone, one in eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in her lifetime, and women of color are disproportionately affected,” said Deepthi Menon, Senior Vice President of Words With Friends. “With COVID-19 making it harder to connect to our support systems, we thought it vital to partner with the American Cancer Society to provide our community of players with the support they deserve. Our players have formed incredibly strong bonds over the years, and their courage, humor and grit is second to none. Their stories inspire us to continue to build a game they love, and we’re honored to be joined by these magnificent individuals and to offer support for a cause that connects so many.”

“Words matter and #WordsWithHope is a creative way to increase awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection as well as the promising research and support services available to patients and survivors through the American Cancer Society,” said Kris Kim, Chief Operating Officer at the American Cancer Society. “Through this collaboration with Zynga during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can use empowering words and stories to advance our vision of a world without cancer.”

For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and other ways to get involved, visit www.cancer.org/wordswithhope.

The #WordsWithHope campaign begins today with iconic designer Betsey Johnson and her word, “Optimistic”. To join in on the campaign, follow Zynga on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and follow Words With Friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Supporting visual assets are available at the following link: http://bit.ly/WordsWithHope2020

About Zynga

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Social discrimination to girls must end to make enriched society

Staff Reporter, Rangpur :

Labiba experienced what it means to be the Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur when she symbolically took over the rolefor a day. #GirlsTakeover campaign is held every year by Plan International globally and in Bangladesh to celebrate the International Day of the Girl is a demand for urgent social and political change to tear down the barriers of discrimination that hold girls back.

Labiba participated as the chief guest in a discussion session and award-giving ceremony held on the occasion of National Girls Child Day 2020 organized by the Woman Affairs Department of Rangpur. Kawshar Parvin, Deputy Director of Woman Affairs Department of Rangpur presided over the meeting. Ashish Kumar Bakshi, Divisional Manager of Plan International Bangladesh was present as a special guest.

Labiba distributed award among the winners of the essay competition. Later on, Labiba addressed in the meeting, shared her views, feelings, explained her experience as a chief guest. Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur Ashib Ahsan supported Labiba to perform her role. “I feel proud to participate in the #GirlsTakeover campaign and played the role of the Deputy (DC) Commissioner of Rangpur symbolically. This programme boosts up the dream. I will be a DC in the future. I will study more to fulfill my dream,” said Labiba. Championing girls’ rights is not new to Labiba. In her community, she took actions to ensure girls’ rights. She rescued girls from India after missing one year and above. Now the girlis in her house. She has been continuing her counseling with the girls. She also speaks out against child marriage in her community. “Congratulations! Labiba for her courage and fluent speaking. She will be a good leader in the future.

Thanked Plan International Bangladesh to organize Girls Takeover. This is a good initiative for developing Girls’ aspirations,” AshibAhshan, Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur. Through GirlsTakeover, Plan International is asking governments to take action – in homes, political institutions, and the media – to end violence, discrimination, and injustice against girls and women. Girls can learn, lead, decide, thrive,and do lead change, but they need allies. Everyone – governments, civil society, corporates, parents, women, men, and boys – need to understand what gender discrimination looks like, their role in it, and how they can eliminate it.

The global #GirlsTakeover is a global action that has been organised as part of Plan International’s bold new campaign Girls Get Equal calling for increased investment in girls’ power, activism and leadership.

The campaign will be the world’s biggest girl-led action for gender equality. Youth activists from communities all over the world will be mobilised to shake up decades of slow progress on gender equality. They will confront and tackle the stereotypes that hold girls back.##

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StrawMan Are You A Person Or Collateral? Does Your Social Security Card Prove You Are

Political science has a relationship within the examine of regulation. A republic, the modified form of widespread government proposed by the creators of the Constitution, might preserve popular government while allowing a measure of consideration for the rights of the minority. I would say his rise to energy was more carefully related along with his charisma and abilities as a orator than his views on gun control.

It might decide if legal guidelines handed by Congress or a president’s actions are constitutional or not. The federal government is accountable for the whole nation. The Articles of Confederation didn’t effectively control and scale back the adverse effects of factions on the nation, and thus a new government was mandatory.

The Nazis focus of on propaganda that made the average German citizen think if the Nazi social gathering got here to energy there would be one thing for everybody (except for these peoples the Nazis demonized like Jews and Gypsies). By eliminating the obstacle of resistance from the people, the corporate agenda to purchase the government of the United States can proceed with out interruption.

Therefore, to vest supreme legislative power in any unusual legislature appearing beneath the constitution would be inconsistent with the aim of federalism. When our Supreme Court docket ruled that money is the same as speech, they opened the flood gates to bribes beyond your imagination, and people bribes go to freshman congress people too.

Bogaards’ standards for classifying state types is similar to that of Ekman’s, he analyses elections, political rights, civil liberties, horizontal accountability of the governing energy, and the effectiveness of government (2009, 412).Yet, as talked about earlier than, he does this with both reference to democracy and autocracy, so a pure hybrid system is recognized when these criteria are discovered to comprise a balanced combination of both systems (ibid, 410).…

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Locke Or Hobbes? The Social Contract Theories

Political science has a relationship within the study of law. The 20 years after the 1919 total gun ban noticed an amazing loosening of the laws, and more German residents, not fewer, might buy weapons. States under the Articles had extra energy than the national government. That is another time that SCOTUS has usurped the ability of the states, and made it a federal case as I mentioned before about the Interstate Commerce Clause.

Bobbi Purvis and thanks for taking the time to read my article. Larry Wall, thank you for taking time to learn and comment on this article. Goldwin additionally chopped down the canned progressive canard, implied by Booker, that all white Individuals at the time fortunately conspired to disenfranchise individuals of coloration.

Nonetheless, almost all forecasters predict that, within the lengthy-time period, the federal government should make fundamental modifications to its spending and tax dollars if it is to remain solvent, as future spending and tax revenues are going to be impacted tremendously by the effects of an growing old population on well being care and social security.

Drug laws had been modified so that sentences had been 3 times longer if you had crack than they have been for many who had powder cocaine. Theoretically, a political occasion is a group of people who share related beliefs and use their collective voting energy to pass the laws and tax code that they believe is the right course for the country.

Democrats need illegals to come back in to this country and vote for them so as to win elections which is why they’re in opposition to voter ID laws. These regulations have been already in place earlier than he came to energy, and he relaxed the the foundations so many more non-Jewish citizens may receive weapons.…

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Social Class In America

Certain situations in life require immediate medical care and a fraction of a second delay can drastically change somebody’s life. Sure i agree but like you could have said the women already in politics are inclined to need to go about it in a very male approach to fit in, what we need is for a feminine solely get together to be arrange had been there are not any male members to permit girls to freely behave as girls in the occasion.

As every man needs to be liked and revered by the society, the moral values are sometimes extra powerful to maintain the person on the appropriate path than the authorized enforcement. As for saying plenty of these acts of male violence is caused by ladies.

Now, if girls are answerable for this as effectively, then I call upon all those people who claim that men and women are the identical and both are just as bad, to provide us some examples of female inventors of lethal weaponry and weapons of mass destruction.

If I added up all of the messages I obtained from the media in my childhood, they’d run like this: A woman can develop as much as be a nurse, not a doctor; a college instructor however not a professor; a secretary but not a lawyer; never a police officer (however for the occasional police matron who regarded like a refrigerator in sensible shoes and was mean) or a firefighter; certainly not an astronaut (however even when she did she’d wear skimpy garments.) Ladies are to be well-groomed, made up and bejeweled always and that included all of the uncomfortable beneath-riggings that made certain her flesh didn’t jiggle.

In a method or one other, society’s silence fosters this environment which significantly devalues our children. Even when he is inexplicably besieged by emotionally explosive feminine co-workers (particular time of the month), he must present restraint and understanding.…

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Social Points

Certain situations in life require speedy medical care and a fraction of a second delay can drastically change someone’s life. I played it for just a few years and liked it. The brain power and social skills alone are an excellent cause to attempt it. And, it’s ENJOYABLE! By denying folks their proper to expression, a key private attribute, the slave owners and communist leaders are dehumanizing their subjects.

The only political system that has noticeably improved the lives of the individuals has been democracy, although wars and inequality are still commonplace in democratic countries. This shift from state laws to federal legal guidelines proved extremely important in later US historical past, notably in instances of the civil rights period and the Vietnam battle.

It’s the excessive time for the government to set and implement the coverage that can enhance steering and counseling from primary colleges to the tertiary level and in flip will develop applications that train professional college counselors and different steering personnel.

By reiterating the saying from Douglass’ ebook in a modern voice midwives in Chennai had been sometimes paid $2.50 to smother a baby lady born with a cleft deformity” Levitt and Dubner present how little worth the lives of these dehumanized individuals carry.

Additionally, there’s completely no motive to believe women begin any much less wars than males if they have most of the political energy. I do really feel that Feminine energy is on the rise, and can continue on this path, however this is evolutionary not revolutionary.…

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