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Fundraisers help Friends Forever Humane Society make ends meet – News – Rockford Register Star

FREEPORT — It was a busy weekend for the volunteers and staff of Friends Forever Humane Society.

To kick things off at the shelter, there was a drive-through pumpkin purchase, complete with items to buy like pumpkins, squash, gourds, plants and fun Halloween costumes for cats and dogs.

Cars lined up in the parking lot to select the items for purchase. Everyone played it COVID-19 safe, and as she stood back to watch people purchase items or to donate money, Carol Falconer, executive director for the humane society, said, “This just makes me smile. People have been so generous to us during the pandemic, and to know we can make some money, allows us to know we can pay our electric bill.”

Kris Piper of Dakota took her time selecting just the right pumpkin. Jodie Modica, a volunteer, was patient as Piper changed her mind, and after Modica handed Piper the right pumpkin, Piper said, “I have two cats from this shelter and I like that they are a no-kill shelter. They take such great care of each animal, and I just hope more people remember them during this difficult time.”

Falconer said the year has been difficult, as the humane society has not been able to hold their many fundraisers. Money is tight. She said the annual rummage sale, which also took place on Saturday and Sunday in Cedarville, is usually a great way to know that money will come in to help get through the winter months.

Also on Saturday was a pet food giveaway, which takes place twice a month at the shelter. Falconer said she has seen an upsurge in people needing to find a way to feed their animals, and with the free pet food giveaway, it makes her feel good that animals are not going hungry.

“This weekend is our triple threat,” Falconer said. “We hope to make money through our fundraisers, and it is also a time that we can give back by giving pet food to those people who need a little help.”

The pet food giveaway is held on the second Saturday of each month from 9 to 11 a.m. The food given is often donated from people or a national retail chain that sells pet food.

“Giving pet food to people who need help is our way of making sure that the pets stay in their homes,” Falconer said. “Since COVID hit, giving pet food away has been steady. I expected an increase. It hasn’t been drastic, but is steady.”

Falconer said the shelter is in need of donations, both monetary and for gift cards from local retailers that allows them to purchase much-needed items.

“The pumpkin drive-through is a first for us, as we have had to resort to outdoor fundraising this year,” she said. “We hope to do the same thing for Christmas wreaths.

“It has been a struggle this year, and the lack of fundraisers has hurt, but we remain committed to doing what we can at

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‘Real Housewives’ star reveals mother-in-law died in crash, daughter recovering

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” star Brandi Redmond is asking fans for prayers for her family.

The 42-year-old TV personality revealed on Saturday that her 9-year-old daughter, Brinkley, was involved in a car crash that killed her mother-in-law, Jill Marie Redmond.

“My husbands beautiful mom has gone on to be with our Savior and my sister in laws said it best…so I PLEASE ask that you keep my family in your prayers during this difficult time,” she wrote on Instagram Saturday, alongside a gallery of sweet family photographs.

In the photos, Jill Marie Redmond can be seen with her children and grandchildren, often flashing a beaming smile.

Jill Marie Redmond in a family photo. (Instagram)
Jill Marie Redmond in a family photo. (Instagram)

Without revealing specific details regarding her daughter’s condition, Redmond asked her followers to keep Brinkley in their thoughts as she recovers from the accident.

“I ask that you lift my sweet Brinkley up as she continues to heal and that God protects her heart and eyes from this tragedy,” she wrote. “I am so thankful for her life. This is probably the most thankful yet pain I’ve ever felt.”

Redmond also reposted an emotional note from her three sisters-in-law — Megan Hughey, Lauren Cranford and Kristen Kosch — who shared the message on an Instagram account for “Girl, I Slept in My Makeup,” a podcast they host together.

“This is our mom, Jill Marie Redmond. We spoke to her daily. To speak of her in past tense hurts beyond words. Hours ago we lost her in a tragic car accident. Thank you, Jesus, for saving our niece who was in the car with her,” the podcast hosts wrote.

“To know our mom was to love her. She was a shining light to all who were lucky enough to know her. She loved so fiercely. She felt so deeply. And she loved Jesus with all her heart. Her world was FAMILY. She loved her 4 children and many grand babies to the depths of her soul, and she left us doing what she loved most- caring for her grand babies.

“We are in shock and are experiencing an indescribable pain,” they added. “In our mom’s honor, if you have a living parent please tell them how much you love and appreciate them, and hug your loved ones extra tight tonight and always. We love you. Shine bright and spread love and kindness.”

Brandi and her husband, Bryan Redmond, share daughters Brooklyn, 11, Brinkley, who just turned 9 one week ago, and an adopted son Bruin, 2.

One week ago, the reality star celebrated Brinkley’s birthday with a sweet tribute on Instagram.

“Happy 9th Birthday @brinkley__redmond,” Redmond captioned a photo of her daughter on Oct. 4. “You are my sunshine. I love you so so so much and can’t believe 9 years have already gone by. Thank you for your sweet gentle soul that loves life to the fullest. You are EVERYTHING and I am so blessed to call you my daughter. Hope today and

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Shropshire Star comment: Society under stress

A generic stock photo of a woman feeling stressed.
A generic stock photo of a woman feeling stressed.

This is a society under collective stress. Stress about the disease, stress about not being able to see loved ones and friends, stress about work, stress about not being able to find work, stress about financial consequences, and so on.

It has been unrelieved. Whereas once you could have taken a break and relaxed with a holiday, or made a trip to the pub, cinema, or theatre, or football match, the restrictions have had their effect on all those things.

It’s all worry and not much play. And over time that’s going to have an impact, although how long-lasting and far-reaching that is will not be apparent for a while.

Experts are at the moment studying what the pandemic means for mental health. A survey by the Mental Health Foundation has found that 82 per cent of adults reported having experienced stress as a result of Covid-19. If that’s surprising, it’s perhaps only because the percentage isn’t even higher.

There are things that individuals can do to reduce the risk of them catching the virus. We should all have got the various messages by now. Unfortunately one of those things, keeping personal space, reduces the opportunities for others to give the kind of support – like a reassuring hug, for instance – that might cheer up those finding the going tough.

There are, at least, various ways people have found to relieve the psychological burden of the pandemic. According to the same survey nearly six out of 10 people have said walking has helped them cope, with half saying visiting green spaces has been beneficial. Chatting to friends and family either online or on the phone isn’t the same as meeting them face-to-face, but keeping in touch has proven a stress reliever for almost half of those in the survey. Hobbies also play their part.

In so many ways Covid-19 has put us on a voyage of discovery. We have stopped doing some things in the way we once did. We may never do some things the same.

There’s that quote about the past being a foreign country. With Covid that past is only a little over six months ago.

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