The Importance of Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

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One of the most important things you can do after sustaining an injury is to meet with a personal injury lawyer. This will help you understand the process of filing a claim and how to best prepare for it.

Personal injury lawyers typically work on a contingency fee basis, which means they do not require an upfront payment before representing you. Instead, their fees are paid only if they are successful in securing a settlement or judgment in your favor.

1. Insurance companies don’t want to pay

If you’ve ever had an accident, you know how hard it can be to get the money you need. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and they don’t want to pay what you deserve.

They’re also greedy and don’t care about you, your life, or your injuries. They’ll try to deny your claim, pay you less than you deserve, or delay payments for as long as possible.

To avoid these tactics, it’s important to speak with a personal injury lawyer right away. A good attorney knows how insurance companies work and what to demand in settlement negotiations. A lawyer will also calculate all your losses and make sure you’re getting the compensation you deserve.

2. You have to attend a physical examination

If you have been involved in an auto accident, the insurance company will often require you to attend a physical examination by a doctor hired by the insurance company. The insurance company does this because they want to limit how much they will pay for your medical bills and auto No-Fault benefits.

The doctor you see will likely be a specialist in the field of your injuries or disabilities. They are trained to look for evidence of exaggerated complaints, evidence that you weren’t injured in the way you have described, and anything else that can be used against you at your trial.

Make sure that you understand what the exam consists of and how it will be conducted before you go in. Then, prepare to answer questions truthfully and without elaboration. You should also bring along a list of all your problems with the areas that you are being examined, such as pain, limited range of motion and other issues.

3. You can’t talk about your case on social media

Whether you’re in a divorce, personal injury, criminal case, or any other legal matter, it’s not a good idea to talk about it on social media. This is because information posted on social media can be used against you. Law enforcement, investigators, and even your friends can use this information to build a case against you.

If you’re in a custody battle, it’s especially important to avoid posting negative comments about your ex or disparaging your children on social media. These posts can damage your case and may make it difficult for a judge to award you custody. This is because judges look down on such behavior, and may see it as child manipulation. They also take social media posts into consideration when determining how much time your children should spend with each parent. It’s best to go radio silent until your case is resolved and a judge makes a custody order. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stop using social media altogether, but you should limit it to the basics and focus on your case.

4. You have to secure the product

After a debilitating accident, you probably don’t have much time to think about your legal options. In a world of medical bills, lost income and broken bones, a personal injury lawyer is an essential part of your recovery plan. A well-rounded attorney will make sure you get the help you need while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls along the way. The best personal injury lawyers are also a blast to work with, making your case their top priority.