The Ultimate Injury Lawyer Meeting Checklist

Make a folder or large envelope out of any documents you have relevant to your accident and injury before you meet with your personal injury lawyer for the first time. If your case involves an injury, you may want to bring the following documents and information with you to your lawyer’s appointment.



  • Ambulance service’s location and phone number
  • Information about the emergency room where you were taken before being transferred.
  • Dates of emergency room and hospital admissions
  • All doctors who have examined you and their contact information are included here.
  • Contact information for chiropractors you’ve used in the past.
  • A list of the names and addresses of everyone who was involved in the accident.
  • When you were unable to go to work due to the accident, what dates you were absent, and the names and phone numbers of each insurance adjuster you spoke with.



  • Report of Mishap
  • Written statements should be provided in their original form.
  • The “declarations” page or “coverage certificate” that outlines what sorts of coverage you have obtained and what the policy limitations are, if you were injured in a car accident.
  • Your insurance policy declarations page or certificate of coverage
  • A statement of benefits from a health or disability insurance plan
  • Medical, hospitalization, and veterans’ insurance coverage are also included.
  • Everything you’ve gotten in the way of correspondence about the accident or your injuries from any insurer
  • Expenses related to health care
  • Receipts for purchases necessitated by your injury
  • Due to the accident, receipts for any repair costs you’ve incurred.


Questions to Ask a Lawyer During Your Initial Consultation


You’re looking for a Rochester, NY personal injury attorney who’s a good fit for your needs. Before you choose a lawyer, there are a few things you should know about his or her style and technique of practice.

  • Make sure you’re aware of how the law affects your daily life.
  • It’s a good idea to prepare a list of questions to ask your prospective lawyer before your initial appointment, in addition to having all of the necessary paperwork on hand. What questions might you ask a personal injury attorney?
  • How many cases has he or she handled involving personal injury? How many of those did he or she win out of all of them?
  • It’s important to know how much of his or her practice is devoted to personal injury.
  • It’s important to know how long they’ve been practicing.
  • Would the lawyer personally handle the case, or would it be delegated to another member of the firm’s legal team or support staff? Could you meet with other lawyers or personnel to delegate part of the work?
  • Are there any issues that the attorney sees in your case?
  • In what manner would the lawyer handle your situation? Exactly how does it work?
  • How long is the case expected to last?
  • How much would a lawyer charge for his or her services? 
  • What kind of specialists would your attorney call on to support your claims?
  • How long do you have to resolve the issue or bring the lawsuit?


Protect Your Rights With the Help of an Expert Personal Injury Lawyer


Injury attorneys can help those who have suffered personal injury or lost a loved one due to the fault of someone else’s negligence. A lawyer is obligated to protect your rights and pursue a case diligently, and they typically offer free initial consultations. Call an attorney in your area to get started right away.