What A Great Law Firm Website Looks Like

Your law firm could be the greatest team of personal injury attorneys on the face of the Earth, but if it doesn’t have a great looking website then people will never recognize it. This is the world in which we are living and it is more important than ever before that law firms lay heavy focus on what a great website can do for them. 


The question is however, what exactly does a great looking law firm website do? Here is what clients are expecting. 


Services First  


The first thing which clients should be able to deduce from your law firm website is who you are, what you do and which areas of they law you specialize in. Let’s take the personal injury example, here you should talk about how you have experts in truck accident law, dog bites, slip and trip claims and electric scooter accidents, or whichever specialities you offer. Clients don’t want to have to wade through your website to find out this information, it should be right there for them to see. 


Success Stories and Testimonials 


Your website is also a great place to market the firm, and there should be a section where you cover success stories and some testimonials from previous clients. This gives any potential clients a real life look at what exactly you firm is able to achieve, and can further convince them as to why they should work with you. 


Contact Details 


This may sound incredibly simple but you cannot make the mistake of not putting contact details on your site. Here you should give potential clients your email address, phone numbers and the address where the firm can be found. You would be surprised how many people create their website without including this information. Additionally you should make sure that you have a contact form which means that you can be contacted directly from the site. This is a great time saving option for your clients. 


Information Blog 


A blog is a great aspect which you could include in your website which will be a great place to talk more about the firm and its history. This area of the website can also be used to discuss law in general, and it adds extra credibility to the firm. The blog is also going to help you to create content which you can then share on your social media pages, which you can then use to drive people to the site.




And finally it is important that you have one area the website which talks about the people who are working for you. This is not only something which our clients like to see, but it also helps the staff to feel a little more valued. Introducing your staff in this way is a great method to build depth to the law firm and to show our clients what kind of firm they are going to be working with. 


These are the critical components to a great looking website.