What Are Electric Scooters Made Of?

Electric scooters are currently taking the world by storm and just about every major city in the US has a number of companies which offer these two-wheeled solutions for commuters. Electronic scooters work by downloading an app which connects to the scooter database, then the rider simply finds the nearest scooter, takes it where they need to go and leaves it for the next person. 


The quality of manufacturing in these scooters has to be high, because of the potential risk of injury if an accident takes place. There are a number of warning of the dangers of poorly made scooters, which is why companies are working harder on delivering a better quality product. Here is exactly how these scooters are currently being made, according to an experienced DC ATV accident lawyer


Frame of The Scooter 


These scooters really aren’t composed of too many parts, and they simply feature a frame, a standing board, two wheels and the handlebars, prior to the electronic processor being added. Whilst some of the more modern scooter frames are made using carbon fiber, the majority of them are made using aerospace or industrial-grade aluminum alloy. This is down to the material being lightweight and its strength to weight ratio. 


Wheels and Board


The wheels and the standing board of the scooter are both made of high-grade rubber, which ensures that there is a sufficient amount of resistance to combat rugged road surfaces. When it comes to the public scooters which you can find, there will be some difference in terms of the size of the wheels and the width of the standing board, depending on how the company prefers to manufacture the scooters. It is worth noting that the tires of the scooter are filled with air, and not 100% rubber as many believe. There are some companies which use solid tires to prevent flats, but these are not always very comfortable which is why others avoid their use. 




The electronic device on the scooter takes care of both braking and the running of the scooter itself. This will be directly linked to a small motor on the scooter which is what gives propulsion to the wheels. This is battery powered and in most cases a scooter can make it through the day on a single charge. The company which operates the scooter will ensure that they are notified when a scooter is running low on battery, so that they can pick it up and charge it before deploying it again. Some scooters have a single button from which to control the acceleration, whereas others will have a throttle like you would find on a motorbike. 


Recent figures suggest that the manufacturing of these scooters comes in at around $45 per unit. Now of course when reselling it is easy to see the upside here, but with those who offer scooter rental, it is harder to put a figure on the profit which a single scooter could bring over the years.