Why So Many Truck Accident Cases Are Settled Out of Court

If you have been injured as a result of an accident involving a truck, the right thing to do is to speak with a truck accident attorney who will help you to seek compensation. This compensation is in place so that you can cover any costs related to your injuries such as medical bills, and also to cover for any lost income which the injury has caused. Additionally you may be awarded higher compensation for any pain and suffering which this has caused you, that has had a negative impact on your life.


In the large majority of cases however, more than 90%, these compensation amounts are settled out of court. The main reason for this is that it suits all involved, and here is why. 


Insurance Company Legal Team 


Lawyers working for the insurance companies which cover trucking businesses work with a large number of clients and they are dealing with many cases at the same time. It is in their best interests therefore to settle these cases before they go to court, because of the time and cost which this will mean for them. Additionally it is worth mentioning that most cases which go to court, which see the insurance company lose, will end up costing more in terms of compensation than if they make an offer and settle out of court. When insurance companies know that their client is to blame, they will do what they can to settle. 


Truck Accident Lawyer Benefits 


The goal of the truck accident lawyer is to get the best deal for their client and resolve the case as swiftly as they can. This is also why they will look to settle out of court for their client. The cost of going to court doesn’t really impact this legal team as much, because they recoup the benefits from the compensation which is awarded. The reason why many personal injury lawyers will offer a no-win/no-fee approach with clients, is that they only take on cases which they believe that can win, and they know that in most cases they will settle before it gets to the courtroom. 


Benefits For The Client 


Anyone who has been through an injury which was caused by this kind of accident wants the case to be over and done with as quickly as possible. The accident itself will have been stressful enough, not to mention the recovery and all the financial difficulties which they may have faced. This again is why any kind of attractive offer which they are presented with is often taken, so that they can draw a line under what has happened and move on. 


As we have mentioned, the amount of compensation which a victim receives is likely to be higher if they win in the courtroom, but in most cases the best option for all involved is to take the settlement which the legal teams have negotiated for.