William McGuffey Historical Society accuses park of ignoring ‘overgrown’ property in Coitsville

COITSVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Members of a local group are hoping Mahoning County Commissioners can put pressure on those running Mill Creek Metroparks to save a piece of land in Coitsville Township.

Leaders with the William McGuffey Historical Society took their cause to the Mahoning County Commioners’ meeting Thursday. They’re looking for a resolution from the board urging the Metroparks to restore and maintain the pond on the property off of McGuffey Road, which is named after the McGuffey family.

The society showed commissioners pictures of the area they say is overgrown with weeds and debris and has been ignored for years.

“The pond and dock, according to Mill Creek park officials, and I have it in writing, they have no plans at this time to include it in a strategic plan,” said Richard Scarsella, a spokesperson for the McGuffey Historial Society.

While Commissioners promised to send a letter to the park board, members of the historical society claim this wouldn’t be an issue if the pond were located in a more affluent part of the county.

Park officials did not wish to comment on the group’s claims.